Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Strange but True

I think I Twitttered about this but never actually posted about our recent trip to the ER. Patches had a lovely fit and banged her head repeatedly against the house. It took a minute to realize it was her and her head. She stopped. I waited until she was herself again to look at her bleeding head. It had a lump and it was bedtime. I didn't think she should go to bed w/o checking it out first so off we went.

I had to tell them MANY times to call her by Patches b/c we changed it to her middle name and they insist on calling her by her legal first name. Not a big deal if your child is a rational thinker. Patches thinks they do it piss her off and it can set her off. Not always but sometimes. We were already on a slippery slope and I didn't want to have to hold her in public, again.

We got into a room and they told us it was a 3 hour and 45 min wait. WOW. The nurse asked Patches to tell her about the pain after she found out how it happened. Patched said, "hurt". OK, how bad and then pulled out the lovely chart meant to help her decide. Patches can not read emotions. She thinks everything with a frown (on the chart) means they are sad. How sad? She can't tell. It is all the same. I tried to explain this so she asked her to tell her on a scale of 1-10. This didn't make sense either. Cyr was shocked. She knows Patches and still couldn't believe the child truly was confused. I asked to help and the woman gave me a look. I know she was thinking I was too involved with this 11 yr old (size of a 17 yr old). She fully expected Patches to interact with her. A normal expectation if the child doesn't think your only goal is to get her into a mental hospital or into foster care. It took us 10 minutes to discover it barely hurt. That poor woman would have given her Morphine based on how she was acting. LOL

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