Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I figured out the picture thing! Only problem is getting a decent photo from my phone because I can't find the cord to my digital camera. Be patient, many more pictures to come.

A Room, An Evil Mom, and A Sick Friend

My son was a freak yesterday. He weighs less than 40lbs and managed to pick up and toss over his entire bed in a rage. He pulled his dresser, table, and benches over and threw all his other things in a pile. He has a favorite Spongebob night lite and he took it by the cord and swung it until it shattered then threw all it's pieces at us. We have no idea what got him going but before he completely flipped out he slapped and punched Emma. She was quick enough to get hers in before he ran off to his room. SHe was upset but really proud that she reacted so quickly.

My son told a neighborhood kid over the weekend that I was evil because I held him to the floor until he cried all the time. WOW! The poor neighbor kid was shocked and I am sure she ran home to tell her parents. It is true, though. I do hold him to the floor and I do it until he cries (shows any emotion but rage). I am not evil, he is possessed when in a rage. I let him know it truly hurt my feelings and he needs to watch what he tells people about other people. I see a real issue on the rise with this.

A friend of mine is in the hospital, they discovered a brain tumor and are doing emergency surgery in a few hours. It is not certain she will survive and if she does what condition she will be in b/c of the location of the tumor. She has chemo and raditation to look forward to if she does. She is 28.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sick and Old

We did go yesterday and all went smoothly. I think my attorney thinks I am an idiot because she repeats everything to me slowly. Last time she was critical of the kids behavior. Hello Lady, the kids have a horrible past dealing with the courthouse and nothing good came come from being there. Why wouldn't they be acting up? Made sense to me. All we have to do now is get our fingerprints done again and update our homestudy. No problem.

P has been sick for 2 days. She started throwing up in the middle of the night and I was upset she woke up the dog telling me her throat her. I felt horrible when I heard her crying and wretching. I ran in there to help catch it before it hit the floor. What is wrong with me, the dog has peed on the floor now so let the puke hit the floor. She has been miserable laying on the sofa and so sick she didn't hear the other kids get up and go to school. She woke up frantic that they had overslept b/c I was on the other sofa passed out after being up all night.

I found out from her sister, D, that she had gotten in trouble the last afternoon she had ridden the bus home. She had been trying to be funny with the 2 ladies on the bus and called one an old lady. The bus driver had her move up front and wrote her up. I understand that name calling is rude but in our house "Old Lady" is not bad. It is something you strive to be. It is said teasingly and lovingly. I call my Mother, The Old Lady, of course, I also call her other things to my sister but my child doesn't know that. Anyway, P was trying to be funny and this lady was upset. Why is old a bad thing? It just doesn't seem fair. Well, I forgot to mention in our house crazy is normal, that could be part of the issue, too.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Filing the Petition

We are on our way to file the Petition for the Adoption of our children. I am so excited.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Night Out

Emma went to spend the night with her 3 sisters (not the ones that live here, her natural ones), Nana, and her Mother. She was so excited to go and I was thrilled for her. She barely knows her sister Kendalyn and really needs to get to know her. I am sure she will be filthy and in need of a healthy meal after running around outside and eating tons of junk food over there. (I am sure she would have been fed good food but she insisted she needed to bring snacks for them) She only called 2 times this visit. I am waiting now for another call when she wakes up.

We took the other kids out to a dollar movie and saw Surf's Up. Does it matter that the grown ups liked it more than the kids? It was very funny but several of my kids fell asleep. They filled up on popcorn and passed out.

The puppy is ruining my life. OK, maybe that was a bit dramatic, he is just ruining my new carpet. I must admit in here but never to my DH, he is a cutie. He has been sleeping on my DH's side of the bed and last night he kicked him repeatedly and barked in his sleep. I can't wait until he grows too big to sleep there. Our last Dogo used to squeeze between us until he could reach his head up to my pillow. He would do this very slowly until he was comfy and I would wake up with his dog breath in my face. Have I mentioned I am not a dog lover? DH is exhausted and complaining about getting up in the middle of the night to let him out. Boo Hoo, Buddy Boy. I have gotten up every night for the last year with our new kids and he sleeps right through it. I really have no sympathy for him.

Kids are really enjoying their new playroom. Every minute they are awake they are down there. I am only regretting that it took so long to finish it. I am trying to get some pictures to post, please be patient.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Another Family Member

Well against my better judgement we are getting a dog. I am not happy about this in the least but I was outvoted by every other member of my family. Personally, I think I should be the only one that counts b/c I will be the only one taking care of this beast. I am home all day while they are at work and school, why is it that I am being forced into this.

He will be delivered to the airport tomorrow and my DH will be driving the hour to pick him up. Every one here is thrilled to death about his arrival. He is an Argentine Dogo. The only good thing about this breed is they do not have any odor. That is a huge thing to me b/c every dog we have had besides a Dogo smell so bad I get headaches. They are very large and white. They look like huge Pitbulls but are pack dogs, actually boar hunters. They are very easy to train and smarter than a German Shepard. They are protective but only if you are in danger and are friendly if you know the person. They read their owners very well and are great lap dogs if you had a giant lap that is. I am sure I will have tons to post later about this subject.

The Playroom

The check came this week and is already spent. It is so sad to have that kind of money just go so easily. The kids needed school clothes and we spent a fortune on finishing the basement for them. Today we will haul all of their toys down there and they will be let loose to play. I have provided them with tons of storage for all the little goodies they have and room to grow on. I am hopeful I can teach them how to put everything back in it's place. OK, truth be told, I know this place is going to be a wreck but at least it will be in the basement so company can't see it. LOL

I try to post pictures later with my DH's camera phone so don't count on a clear photo. We did the room in primary colors to match the crazy pattern on the commercial grade carpet that was left over from a JumpZone my DH built. It is very kid friendly and wild. The walls are all bright colors and are yellow, orange, and green. We are using accents of red and royal blue. I painted one entire wall in black board paint and set up a mini classroom for them to play school properly. The other end of the room has a sectional sofa, TV, XBOX, VCR, DVD player, and all the movies. I have 2 cameras and a hand held color video monitor with sound that we are installing to keep an eye on them. All the other wall space is now shelves for storage. I really can't fit another thing in there to hold toys. I will be decorating the walls with their artwork that I have saved and framed. Every one that has seen it wants to be a kid again.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I can not log on or figure out a way to log onto SofA. It keeps coming up as banned and that I am a stinking spammer. Help me! I am starting to have tremors from lack of contact.

I sure hope you still read my blog otherwise I may be banned forever.