Thursday, July 02, 2009

I have a stomach virus

It seems Alyssa shared her virus with me. Chills, fever, knot in my stomach, and some lovely gagging when I try to eat anything.

I haven't forgotten about calling you, Lisa. I think about it every time I lay my head down. I am stuck on the sofa today with 11 kids running around me so don't look for it today.


Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon!!

zunzun said...

I don't know how you do it on a regular day much less when YOU are feeling sick...hope you feel well soon!

BTW...I've always wondered what do you do/think of to keep yourself from blowing up when Patches acts up...mine is not anywhere close to that but I'm seeing signs of escalation (for upset the other day and threw a chair out of her way) and I can feel myself get all tense and out of control...I hide it well but blood pressure must go off the room at those moments.

Lisa said...

Everything is cool here. Just take care of yourself and feel better soon!

Tudu said...

zunzun, there are days I get really mad. I have a hard time keeping my cool when one child attacks another. Property doesn't really get to me like when one throws a punch at a younger child. I step in quickly and am usually yelling but then. Patches does a lot of property damage here. SHe throws the rocking chair at least 4-5 times a week, punches holes in the wall, and breaks any small items she can including her cup, dishes, pens, pencils, books, and even bites through cords. Her hair gets a big portion of her anger. She breaks it off all around her face. I try to stop her by talking but I figure, it's her hair, let her explain it. Most importantly, it makes the issue bigger if I get really upset. I know this b/c it has happened. I try to be the calm one but I'm not perfect. The few times I feel I got too upset and reacted, I posted here about. The rest I am able to get a grip of myself and focus on calming them.