Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I have a child that is peeing on their bedroom floor, lying about silly things, ramming their bodies into everything from the floor to other people, destroying everything their their path, pushing every rule to the very limit, manipulating the adults around him, stealing food, hoarding, and masterbating inappropriately. In other words, this child is fitting in very well here. LOL

We have 2 sick toddlers, 3 sick big kids, and a sick mom. It is not pretty here, folks. Bitching, moaning, fevers, snot, flem, and a headache. If I could figure out a way to keep the toddlers in bed with me all day, I'd be good. They won't. They want to eat, bathe, and have their diapers changed. It's not fair. They are old enough to manage on their own, right? I mean they are 2.5, not 2 anymore. Kids grow up fast these days. Two and half is the new 4.

The new CW came and went Monday. She seemed to know her way around the job and the kids talked to her easily. Now we wait for our county to finish up the paperwork and take over.


GB's Mom said...

It sucks when the Mom gets sick!

Ashley said...

That many people sick does *not* sound fun! Hope it passes quickly

Tracy said...

Oh, it's horrible that you're sick - when mom is down the whole world comes to a screeching halt.
On a somewhat funny note... the ad that came up under this blog entry is of a scantily and tightly dressed teen with a camera asking "want a girlfriend?" Are your ads generated by a word search on your entry???? LOL

Penny said...

And I thought my house was crazy...Thanks for sharing!