Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Fall Out

Michael started his weekend off really bad. Friday and Saturday was like a nightmare. He pulled it together Sunday. It could have been the fact I didn't give his meds Saturday night but Sunday morning. I knew he'd be groggy but I couldn't do another day restraints.

Patches let it all fly today. It's all my fault for giving her sister away. SHe hates me. Blah, Blah, Blah. It's like a broken record. I have no patience. None. She started to puff up at me and I asked her to go ahead and let it fly. I was ready and willing to take her down until the police got there. I was mad. She knew it. SHe was mouthy but backed way down. SHe decided to sit in her room all day without eating. I told her if she chose to come out and do her chore, she could join us for lunch. If she chose not to do it, she could make herself a PB&J and carrots to eat in her room. Nothing.

It took her until 7:30PM to come out and tell me she was sorry for the hateful things she said. I apologized, too. We talked about how she really does understadn that she had to leave and that it wasn't my fault. SHe offered that she feels I am a great mom and she is tired of abusing me just because she is upset about something. SHe did her chore and even giggled with Kiera before bed. I'm sure it's not the end of it.

SHe broke the 8th pair of glasses this year today. I'm not replacign them again. SHe is going to have to suffer a bit first. I don't care if she can't see the TV. Tough.

Sawyer had a rough day. He couldn't stay focused on anything longer than 30 seconds. It makes for a long day. He commented that he doesn't remember who touched his privates. I thought it was strange. I tried to talk about it because it seemed like such an odd comment. He backed down and changed the subject. Maybe someday he can try again. I think there may be something there. I really hope not. He is also stealing food constantly. Weird stuff like dry jello. Who eats dry jello? He creid for his G Gma at bedtime. He was mad he had to pick out new clothes for school after leaving the other set on the floor and they disappeared.

Their G Gma has to move. SHe is going to try to find a place closer to us. I am really looking forward to that. SHe is a super nice lady. She doesn't deserve to be treated like the bad guy her family plays her to be. SHe stood up for Anna and reported the uncle for abusing her and for attacking his gf. He is a loser that needs to have his bond revoked. I am working on that with the ADA's office.


Integrity Singer said...

phew! That's a lot to deal with!

GB's Mom said...

Prayers and Hugs - I hear how tired you are.

Innocent Observer said...

I wish I had a magic wand that I could wave to give you a break, make it easier. I would lessen the children's pain and speed their healing.

I wish there were SOMETHING (anything) that I could do to make it one tiny little bit easier for you.

I'm sending you all the mental energy that I can spare! :) Thank you so much for doing this impossible job!!!!