Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The First Day of School

We start back really early here, obviously. The day did not go as planned despite all my efforts. The night before, Cyr came to my room after her bedtime complaining she needed to do her eyebrows with the wax strips. We looked and couldn't find them. She used Nair instead. Let this be your warning, do not use that stuff on your face and if you refuse to listen to me, listen to the stinging sensation and get it off before it takes layers of your skin off. She didn't listen.

We didn't notice an issue until the next morning. She came out of her room and complained her eyes and lip hurt. I didn't look up, at first and just told her to get ready. She didn't move. I turned around and saw her problem from across the room. She had 2 BRIGHT red stripes under her brows and 1 over her lip. They were so red they looked painted on. She had no idea. I offered to put some of my powder mineral makeup on them. She winced in pain and it wasn't helping. She began to move around and then her eyes rolled back in her head right before she slumped to the floor. She passed out cold. She peed herself she was so out. All the elementary school kids needed to get out to the bus right that moment. I calmed every one until she opened her eyes. I promised she was fine, just tired, and off the went. She laid on the floor for 20 minutes while I showered and threw myself together.

Ruthie decided she didn't want to ride the bus alone and hid in our yard from the bus.

Anna (formerly known as Taelor) went to school and informed the school she is Anna D. They began to scramble fearing they had misplaced her somehow. After 30 minutes, they called me and accused me of failing to register her with the other children. I nearly fell out of the van. I explained that we will be adopting her and she had misunderstood and thought her name was now legally Anna. She is just too cute.

I had a phone conference with Patches' new school at the very time I had to take my little toddler boy to have oral surgery. Let's say, he needed me more and I ended the call quickly. He was screaming. He was terrified. Once the put the thing on his nose he quieted within a couple minutes. In a couple more, he was high. He began to babble up a storm. He was so out of it. At one point, he noticed his hand and told me to look at it. I'm still not sure why I was supposed to look at it. LOL He made it out and they are trying to save his front teeth.

The kids all came home squealing it was the best day ever. When I asked why their reply was, "Our bus has air conditioning and music!" It sure doesn't take much to please my babies, huh? Set the bar low so life always exceed their expectations.


Kelly said...

How is Cyr. Bless her heart. Maybe tomorrow will be better for you.

Our dentist tried to save Nate's front teeth too and has since had to pull two of them. His teeth were soooo bad.

Kate said...

I'm glad they had a good day and hope Cyr is feeling better. How are the three that are going to be headed to RTC? Is Patches still in the hospital?

Abby said...

So, I noticed the updated sidebar but I want to hear the story on how/when/why they picked the names they did! I love names. =)

PS- Glad they had a good first day and I hope Cyr's face has recovered!!

Anonymous said...

Lets cross the bridge when we come to it............................................................

ania said...

Wow. That is the most dramatic reaction to a chemical depilatory that I've ever heard.

Poor Cyr.