Thursday, August 05, 2010

Getting A Much Needed Break

SO far our new county school system experience has been great. I'm a little irritated about the lack of communication with transportation dept regarding Patches but I'm sure they are overwhelmed right now. How would they know I have 6 elementary kids that can not under any circumstances be left alone while I drive across the city to pick her up every afternoon. It's not their fault but it is causing me to pick her up late and I'm sure that doesn't look good and the stress it is putting on all of us is not fun either.

The cafeteria manger at the elementary school is really on the ball. The front office has been nothing short of amazing. The teachers have accepted our new kids and allowed them to use their new names. The kids told me this school is better than their old one. They love it here. I think a big part of it is the fact the front office lady hasn't treated them as second class kids living in an abusive home. LOL Did I ever mention that lady was let go towards the end of the year last year? Yippee but it was a little too late.

Anyway, I've decided to trust these folks with Michael's afternoon meds. It will help him adjust to coming home every day without attacking us. Last night I was forced to hold him for almost 30 minutes. He is extremely aggressive when he gets in the door every day. We can't continue like this and the meds will help. Ruthie started in last night right after he calmed and was sobbing in my lap. He went off on her, "Leave me alone! Mom has to hold me or I will kick her! Next time I will kick you! I Don't want to hurt people and she keeps me safe! I don't care if I have red marks. I'm not hurt!" I love him. He really needs intensive intervention daily and all the professionals are right, I can only do so much when the triggers are being in a home with people that love you. He knows this, I should have listened earlier. All 3 know it. I was so worried they would feel abandoned, they still do but they know it's right. Now to keep proving they are still all part of us and we all love them.

The toddlers are driving me insane. I rarely get to the point that kids are too much for me. I'm there with the toddlers. I need help. I can't take another day of screaming and whining. The aggression between them is shocking. If I separate them, they scream for each other. I've decided to spend an hour at the YMCA every day during the week starting next week. They offer free daycare and I could use the silence even if it means I have to exercises to get it. LOL

Overall, I am thrilled for the opportunity to parent all of these kids. They each bring a different joy to the family.


Innocent Observer said...

Of course I don't pretend to have anywhere near as much on my plate, but I do remember when my older three were little. I joined a gym because they had childcare. It wasn't free, but it was a kid free hour. I remember saying, "Thank you god for the gym!"

Lisa said...

Is this normal whining/screaming? Do you think it's an unhealthy attachment and they would be better off being separated at times? That would be hard to do I suppose, with the level of supervision you must maintain with the other kids. Good luck - the whining alone puts me on edge once in awhile. Do you have an iPod or MP3 player you can put in your ears? haha - that might make the whining a bit more bearable - I just tried it with my older kids (non-stop complaining about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE) and it helped tremendously in certain situations. It kept me from reacting to every little thing since this seems to be the way they communicate (and they have no problems with it).

Abby said...

I'm so glad to hear the new school is working out so well!! I hope the meds help Michael a lot & good luck with working out. I like the free childcare idea! ;)

Abby said...

PS- sorry if my comment came multiple times! I'm on the neighbor's wireless and it keeps kicking me off randomly. :D

Tudu said...

I think that most of the screaming is becasue he was conditioned to scream to get what he wanted. He barely speaks and can't communicate any other way. We are working really hard to teach him to talk but it's on his own time.

She is whinign because she isn't getting all of my attention and a little boy is constantly taking her stuff, hitting her with it, and screaming. I wanna whine, too. SHe is thrilled to have him as a playmate nad really adores him but we are all still adjusting to our new life.

Ashley said...


Is it worth looking into signing for the little man to try and fill the gap until the words kick in?