Monday, December 28, 2009

You Can Learn Things on Jerry Springer

As I was driving Cyr's BF home, the topic of religion came up. He told me his family was Catholic and they went to church several times a week. As we pulled in the drive way I noticed a bumper sticker about abortion. I kinda giggled to myself about a comment his parents had made about the size of our family and that we must not believe in abortion. As we drove home, Cyr and I were talking about the Catholic Church's view of abortion, abstinence, birth control, and marriage. She turned to me and said, "Girls have to stay with their baby's daddy when they are Catholic." Confused, I needed to her to explain what she was talking about. "On Jerry Springer, a girl was mad b/c her husband cheated on her and wanted to run off with his new girl friend. She kept saying that she had to stay with her baby's daddy b/c she was Catholic." Wow! What she was trying to say was that divorce wasn't an option due to her religious views. You know I couldn't stop laughing. She is the first person to learn something from the Jerry Springer Show.


Innocent Observer said...

Yes, but what exactly did she learn? Don't be Catholic? :P

And for the record, Catholics don't have "Baby Daddies" because they get married first! haha

SanitySrchr said...

Comical!! Simply comical!