Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Visit to the Jail

Their mother has written their Aunt M. and asked her to ask me to visit her in jail. She wants to talk to me. I called the Det. and A. D. A. to see their thoughts and get advice. We had all discussed this at our last hearing but I wanted to be sure we are all on the same page.

The Det. can't give advice but said she would encourage me to "cover my ass". She is so funny, she had already mentioned a mini recorder but that was before her superior told her not to give advice. When I pushed her for ideas of how and what to say things, she laughed at me. She said she was confident if anyone could break her, it would be me. She wants to meet with me immediately afterwards to go over things.

I haven't heard back from the A. D. A. but she promised to get back to me this afternoon. I know how she feels, she wants me to go. I am hoping she will be able to push me in the right direction. I really want them to record the conversation themselves and the only hope of that happening is with the A.D.A.'s assistance.

I am nervous about going. I am sure I will have a lot to say, I am angry. I want to win her over so she will do the right thing and testify against him. I feel sorry for her, she never had a chance at a happy life. In some ways, she is a victim herself. I have dreamt of this visit many times with many outcomes. I am completely open to suggestions.

I don't think I have mentioned Emma's new boyfriend, have I? She is taking her relationship very seriously even though he asked her on the playground. She will not hold hands or kiss b/c she's "not that kind of girl". I about fell over. He is a sweet kid but has severe ADHD and is unmedicated. His parents are in denial. He comes off as a "bad boy" b/c he is constantly in trouble. She doesn't see that though, I think she just sees him as misunderstood. I see a future in saving young men. I am not looking forward to it.

Michael slept in the Dining Room last night b/c he is so mean to Eddie lately. He threatened him again at bedtime and has now lost the privilege of a room until he can be more safe. He had to camp out there in a sleeping bag. He really wanted to do it in the Playroom so I had to find a less appealing place. My first choice was the Reptile Room but was quickly out voted by my DH and Rosa, something about him hurting the animals or letting them out to hurt us. Whatever, it stinks in there and everyone is caged up.


Abby & her happy things said...

Sounds like Emma's well on her way to developing a "Princess Charming" complex! =)

No advice on the jail thingy, but reptile room??? What do you have?

Tudu said...

My DH and the kids are the ones that have the snakes. He recently sold all the lizards b/c they require daily attention and he couldn't keep up anymore. He has very high end boas. He breeds them and sells the babies to other idiots. He currently has albino and Dumerils ready to give birth any day. He breeds weird color or patterned ones to other ones to get new "designer" boas. A few years back, maybe 7 yrs ago, he was the largest producer of boas in our state. He loves them, I don't. The man has his own giant freezer for his dead feeder rats. Gross, huh?

Kath said...

Snakes are pretty cool!

Emma's relationship actually reminds me a little of one I had when I was her age. There was a bad boy in my class, who was probably pretty similar, and his name was Jared. It was never serious either, just holding hands in the playground.

I'd totally forgotten about that, but it came back when I read that!

Nicki said...

How sweet about the boyfriend Emma has gotten! Despite the fact that you probably won't want her looking for "bad boys" to save as she gets older, it is nice that Emma sees the good in the little boy!

Leah (devildogwife from said...

"He breeds them and sells the babies to other idiots"

LMAO. One of the funniest things I have read all day!

Marthavmuffin said...

Have Emma read the Peter Pan complex when she gets older. Ick to the snakes and Michaels bad behavior. Geez I dont know how you do it.