Monday, February 09, 2009

Ruthie melted down yesterday and started swinging at me. I did a really cool technique that I haven't done in years and took her to the ground before either of us got hurt. I spun her around like a top as she swung to hit me. My DH stared in amazement. She screamed at me for about 30 minutes about how ugly I am and finally calmed enough to lay there on her own for a few. She eventually got up and did her chore as I had asked previously. I asked her when she was doing better what she felt was the reason for the fit and she she agrees it wasn't the chore but couldn't come up with another idea.

My son is always a terror. He screams things like, "I freaking hate you!" throughout the day to any of his sisters or parents that make the mistake of asking him a "stupid" question or tell him something he doesn't want to hear. He is always overboard on the emotions. He will instantly begin throwing things to the ground or ripping them up before he is even sure about what is being asked. The teenage years are going to be REALLY hard on me. I will have 6 teen girls all cycling and a teen son that acts like he is.

Yesterday he knocked over a tall heater b/c he was asked to bring in a chair, like the other kids. He was asked to pick it up and began attacking me. He threw himself to the floor and then began kicking and hitting me until I could get him in a better position. He is very small and I am lucky it doesn't hurt with his are hands, I will be in trouble if he grows. What was different about this fit was he bit me. That's not normal for him. It took everything I had not to smack the crap out of him to get my hand away.

The other kids were great all weekend. My DH built a desk that s 8 ft long for the kids to play on the computers. We have 2 up and have 2 more that will go up. We have one wall covered in giant Rubbermaid shelves that holds their toys. They will have so much more room for jacking around in here. I am so grateful that I have a husband that can build things, even if it takes years to get him motivated.


Lisa said...

Can't wait to see pics of the playroom!

Kids Special Needs said...

If he grows?

I think he'll grow!!

Just found your blog thru Essie. I'm enjoying reading your thoughts.

Best wishes, Esther

Kelly said...

If it's not one it's another at your house...mine too. Oh well, life goes on and we still love it. :) I will have to admit having 3 teens in the house at once didn't cross my mind when I was having my children so close together. It is a challenge at times. I can't imagine the magnitude of it with so many girls and with the added issues they face. Hang in there...or should I say hang on for dear life. :)

I am the builder around here and am always looking for new ideas about things so post pics sometime of the triple bunk and your new desk. Please!

cloudmaster said...

I don't know how you do it.

Lisa said...

Be grateful he's small now. My son with FASD is VERY small for his age and while that was a concern for us for a very long time - it sure isn't anymore. If he were a normal sized almost 15 yo, I'd have had to call the police on him many times by now. I find that once he crosses a line, there's no going back. As in, once he said he hated me for the first time, well, then it was okay to say it ALL the time (since he's still alive to say it I guess). Same with hitting or biting or running away (although he's only run away once so far). He got into a car with a stranger after years of me telling him not to ever do that (well, duh). I told him something bad "could" happen to him if he did and see, it didn't so he had to do it again, and nothing bad happened so now I'm just this big freakin' liar because I told him not to do something because he'd get hurt and he didn't. What was I thinking??? Pretty much every single inappropriate thing he can think of, he's trying the older he gets. He hasn't hit real, physical puberty yet, but he sure acts like he has PMS. Screaming one minute, asking me for favors the next... Good luck, it's going to be a rocky ride.

Mongoose said...

I had a dream that I was babysitting for you, except you were living in a dingy housing unit here in town. We all got along really well until you got home and had words with Patches.

Clearly, my brain has absolutely no grasp on reality.


Tudu said...

I promise I will get pictures on here but it will be a few weeks!

Mongoose, I'd like to have words with Patches! I wish you were near, I swear I would never make you babysit.