Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Trip to the ER

Emma has been vomiting since Tuesday night. I thought she was better today b/c she ate a bowl of cereal. A few hours later she began throwing up and screaming with pain. It seemed to be focused on the right side so off we went to the ER sure we would have to have her appendix removed. This is not the child for surgery or any kind of test including medical ones. She panics, big time. She is so high strung that tonight when the doctor mentioned she needed to have some blood tests run, the child freaked out worrying she would fail. Crazy child. Anyway, turns out her intestines are paralyzed. I had no idea this could even happen but it does. It couldn't move the food she ate today so they gave her meds and she was giggling within an hour.

Right before this photo, the nurse put in her IV. Being the dramatic child she is, I blew off her comments that she couldn't move her arm afterward. I walked to the other side to see that she actually couldn't move it, the nurse accidentally taped her arm to the bed. I guess I should've believed her.

Tomorrow I am taking Cyr and Patches to spend the night with their Aunt and Uncle for the first time. I am so excited for them. Ella will be spending the night with my sister, Kiki. Ella has no idea and will be thrilled. I hate to just send her but no one else can go. Michael is acting out too much. Ruthie is sick. Ava steals. Emma probably needs another day to recover. I even offered for Rosa's kids to go but they have a visit with their Dad. Maybe I'll just see how Em is feeling.


Nicki said...

Poor Emma, I have never heard of someone's kidneys being paralyzed! I hope she's feeling better! Thats sort of goofy that the nurse taped her arm to the bed!!!!

AmyAnne said...

Oh my word! Healing prayers for Emma!!

Paula Perry said...

gosh i've not heard of that either. i do hope that she is better, and that the vomiting has stopped. how horrible.
Take care of yourself!

Innocent Observer said...

Poor Emma. Am I terrible person for laughing out loud about her arm being taped to the bed? haha

Lorie said...

Oh my goodness, your family wins the Mommadramma, drama Queens award, only um...the drama is REAL. YIKES. Don't you wish you could go to some place tropical with "TAD" massaging your feet and a frosty beverage in your hand...well I know I wish that for you!

Give them all loves and hugs tonight and um...send as many as you can off to their fun overnights and look "Tad" up in the yellow pages...hey worth a shot!

Kellie said...

Good Heavens! As if your plate weren't full enough on a daily basis anyway. Sending Miss Emma lots of good wishes for a quick recovery. Try to take good care of yourself through everything if you can.