Thursday, February 19, 2009


This is the Playroom and the 8 ft desk my DH made. We have room for all 4 computers but only 2 are up right now. That artwork above it is the kids' personal that we paid the school to frame for us. $30 a pop at their Art Show!! He is putting an 8 ft black shelf under them so I can display their lovely ceramics they make me. I painted the one wall with chalkboard paint.

The back wall has 4 of these huge shelves with toys. I plan on painting the wall red behind it but that will mean moving the darn things. I may rethink that idea.

They have a giant dry eraser board that goes from the ceiling to the floor and the black wall on the right is a chalkboard paint.

These need reorganizing but are supposed to hold their books.


laura said...

Great job on the playroom-- looks fun and functional. It should work really well for the kids.

I love chalkboard paint!

Lisa said...

Love it!!!! Can you come do one at my house????!!!!

Tricia said...

ooooo your giving me some ideas !!

Nichole said...

That's a kid's dream playroom. Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Girl....I love your playroom ! Makes me want to come play.

Abby & her happy things said...

Awesome job!