Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Lazy Day

I only have 6 appointments, 2 OT and 4 Speech. Then I have to pick up meds, make 2 appointments for Cyr, write a journal page for Flat Stanley and send him back, a phone conference with Michael's teacher, email the psychiatrist about testing for ADD and ADHD on Ava and Ruthie and possible anxiety meds for Ava b/c she is still eating her clothes, hands, chairs, and just about anything she can put in her mouth, find out if and when Ella can get her hamstrings extended surgically and Botox injections in her legs to reduce the tightness due to her CP, grocery shop, rearrange the storage room to include all the new Halloween crap I bought the day after, entertain Emma all day b/c she is too sick for school but not sick enough to sleep all day, cook dinner, and do my usual 4-5 loads of laundry. I hope to slip in an hour nap since it is a slow day!

8 days and counting down to the Big Day. Oh I just remembered I need to find an activity to do that day after the adoption. A museum maybe? Ice skating? No movies or playgrounds for sure. I am open to ideas people!

On a gross note, we figured out by complete accident (Ruthie didn't knock on the bathroom door before entering) that Ava is our resident feces smearer. It makes sense now, of course, and she admitted when she gets mad she smears it on the wall for me to clean. Not anymore kiddo, it is your job. Hahahahahaha I am gonna have to spend more time with her, not sure how but I think she needs alot more one on one. Our agency suggested sleeping in a small tent in our home since she has also started to wet herself at night. She is slipping fast.

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Lorie said...

Hey slacker...get to work already.