Friday, November 09, 2007

A fit and a friend

First things first, Cyr had a huge fit before bed last night. She rarely does this so it is even more irritating than from a regular rager, not fair I know but true. She has to have control over everything, she will adjust any request from me just enough to allow me to not get onto her. If I ask her to empty the dishwasher she will empty everything and leave the forls on the counter like she forgot. Silly but when it is EVERY LITTLE THING you can find yourself getting frustrated and rightly so. Her chore is to take the dog out and feed him. She waits so long that he poops or pees on himself every day. Then she has to clean out his cage. Her problem, right? Now she is complaining that she is afraid of the dark after taking him out every night after dark and fighting with her sisters to shut off the light every night instead of allowing them to have a small night light. I didn't buy it and told her to hurry up. She stood in front of the door with her coat on for 15 minutes. I calmly told her to go to bed and she would hear her consequence tomorrow. She started screaming that she had made a deal with Patches to do it and she forgot to do it. She was so scared of the dark and couldn't go out there. She forced herself to sob for another 15 minutes and them turned on the sisters in her room screaming they were to blame.

I got her up at 5:30AM (2 full hours early) to wash the dog and cage, feed him, and walk him in the dark. She never complained about the dark this morning, why not? I thought she was terrified to the point of freaking out, not. She just had to have control.

Waiting patiently? OK, here it goes. Now keep in mind nothing is for sure and it could change anytime from now to a month from now. Eve called and asked if we would keep her daughter, Mia, and her son for a month. She can not get a job b/c she doesn't have a babysitter and can't afford one. She wants us to keep her son permanently but I suggested she use the time to think about it. Mia has a father that lives in Japan (Army) and so it can't be permanent b/c he would take her from her and while he pays child support he views Mia as property not a person. She said she does not feel a bond to her son and is trying to fake it like I suggested but she is feeling negative towards him and is afraid it will not come.

I am excited to see them both and take care of them for a bit. I am pretty sure it will be longer than a month and she will decide to place him with us. It is hard not to run out an buy everything in baby sizes but I am going to wait until I pick him up. My DH was surprisingly supportive. I thought for sure he would object to me driving to New Orleans to pick them up.


Innocent Observer said...

Yes! This sounds great. So possibly permanent for the little guy but not little Mia?

I was first going to suggest offering to adopt both and let the bio dad off the hook for support, but then remembered how my friend had a completely uninvolved ex, until her husband called him and asked to adopt the child. Ex flipped and staged a three year long HELLISH custody battle before finally giving up and letting him adopt. Unfortunately enough damage was done to their little girl in the proccess that if they had it to do over again they wouldn't ask. And like you said, it was a property issue...if he was going to pay he wanted his moneys worth.

I'm so excited for you. I feel like he is your son and I can't wait for you to have him forever!


Lorie said...

Just thinking good thoughts for you and your family :-)