Saturday, November 24, 2007

I am really enjoying having Frankie here. She tells the kids crazy stories about when she was little and I never let her have ice cream or sweets. She told my son I forced her to eat tofu, when he asked what it was she explained it was like eggs b/c they grew underground. LOL What? She is very funny and is healing quickly.

She told me today that Ella tried to trick her but she didn't fall for it. Ella has to touch you, period. She must get you to feel sorry for her b/c of her CP and since Frankie's oldest is disabled she doesn't fall for this or treat her differently. Ella has been trying to figure out a way to get to her and asked her to help her off the trampoline. She claimed she couldn't get off, this is not true. Frankie told Ava to help her and all of the sudden Ella was able to do it herself. She is such a faker.

My nieces are here for the weekend and the kids are having a blast. Cyr wanted them to stay in her room last night and ended up wishing me to die or that she would kill herself. Since I really didn't take it seriuosly I just had her sit with me until she started to dose and then we had a long talk about her favorite subject, feelings. SHe hates me and this is all my fault according to her. I suggested she really hated herself and I was just a safe person to take it out on. She actually sadi, "I told you I wouldn't touch anyone again, why don't you believe me?" Ah, Hello? You looked inmy face for 18 months and lied to me and this I am to believe? I hope I handled it correctly, I assured her her behavior is serious and explained just how. I compared her behavior to her abusers, I asked her if she would be ok if I had him babysit again if he promised to stop. It was obvious she was taking it all in but she refused to speak. I went on to explain she will never be able to babysit, she will always be watched and she screamed, "Not when I grow up and leave here!" I calmly told her that no matter how much I loved her I will always be concerned it will happen again even when she is grown and has children of her own. Today she was cuddly and talkative. She understands a bit better and did not push any limits about this subject. I am sure it will come again, though.

My son required my full attention (restraint) 2 times today. It seems people around him miraculously get hurt and he has nothing to do with it. Frankie was shocked to say the least, she wondered if this happened often. If she only knew. I warned her he would be sweet the rest of the day and he was.

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