Saturday, November 03, 2007

Don't Make My Kids Mad

Yesterday, when talking to the new AT about Cyr's therapy plan he asked me about her friends and peer relationships. I told him how she has struggled to have normal friendships b/c she tends to become the friend t the point of losing herself. She takes over their likes and dislikes to an extreme. She has had 2 neighborhood friends that have disappeared lately and even avoid her at the bus stop with no explanation from her. One of these friends complained awhile back that she was mean to little kids at school, she is very bossy. The AT was concerned b/c this has Borderline Personalty written all over it. He explained that an extreme case was the movie Single White Female. How scary is that? He has a case now that a 10 yr old girl wants her adoptive parents new baby to go away. She hasn't mentioned harming the baby but she wants to be the baby so badly they are concerned for it's safety.

Ruthie just got mad at me for something silly and decided to put a nasty dog chew under my pillow. She knows I am freaked out by gross things and anything near my pillow like feet or butts. This would be right on up there with poop under my pillow. I sent her to her room to think of a way to make this up to me. I am thinking she needs to wash all my sheets. EEWWW!!!


Lorie said...

Well...therapists love to diagnose...maybe too much...I would just watch how she heals and see what happens.

And um....while I know it was bad...BAD RUTHIE!...I have to say the chew toy thing...very clever (Lorie gives silent "high five" on the side to prankster Ruthie).

I think you should make her take the trash bag out of the can and throw it in the bin on the street....ultimately grosser in my book.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, and admire you enormously. Would personally be a little concerned that your AT is disclosing ANY information about other families he is working with! If he is telling you stuff about this family, what is he telling other families about your kids?