Sunday, November 04, 2007

Introducing The Adoptive Parents of the Year

We had a great time at the luncheon today. My MIL showed up on time to watch the kids b/c at the last minute we learned they were not invited and the photographer will be coming to our home at a later date for photos. They said such nice things and there were so many people there. The food was beautiful and way too much of it. My husband went back for seconds on the dessert and convinced another mother she needed some too so he wouldn't look like a pig. We were all laughing so hard when she agreed.

We got hockey tickets in Channel 46's fancy suite for next Saturday night and we will be attending a great event next Saturday morning at Stone Mountain. At both we will be given the royal treatment.

Tomorrow I take Cyr to the sexual abuse institute for her psycho-sexual evaluation. I am nervous for her but trying to keep my cool so she doesn't know. Alot is riding on this, not that it will make us decide to move her but her treatment plan will be based on it.

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