Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm a %^&*ing Liar

Last night we went to OT and decided since we will have extra passengers in our van Thursday we need to clean it out. I will confess, I haven't washed the outside of the van in 6+ months. My defense and excuse to the kids is the drought. I really hate when they wash it b/c it is a bigger mess than an exploding feather pillow. We sucked it up and went to the car wash where the kids hollered at me that we were going to jail b/c of hte drought restrictions. I never said we would go to jail but I have told them about the severe fines that we would incur if they continued to use he dang hose in the backyard, it is $1000 if you are caught and they shut off your water! They took my strong emotions as possible jail time, LOL. They were freaking out until I pointed out that with so many others there we could probably get away cause they can only catch one car at a time. I was kidding but they took me seriously and were on the lookout the entire time. Way too funny. I hope I haven't scarred them for life.

When we get back to the office 2 of the kids were slow to get out. Like everyone was in the building and they weren't out of their belts yet slow. I tried to hussle them along and heard Ruthie making fun of me saying, "Na na na na na na na!" in a snotty voice every mother has heard at least once and the one we have all used when referring to our mothers at least once. I called her on it and reminded her it was rude. She went off, "You are a liar. I was talking to myself." SHe did her normal shut down thing and I requested my normal, "That's fine sweety, just suffer silently." She was quiet until the OT came out and commented on her, I told her she was mad at me. She went off again about me being a liar and we left to deal with others that had already left the building. We get in the van and Ruthie went off. She began kicking the seat and banging her head on the window. My favorite was when she started screaming on the top of her lungs that I am a %^&*ing liar over and over. You go girl, let it out. She made sure I understood she is not my chicken little (one of the many pet names I call the kids), she was T and N's chicken little. I told her she can be both and left it at that. She pulled it together the second she saw my DH and happily did extra chores after dinner.

Tomorrow is the day! Their birth Aunt Michelle and birth Uncle Floyd will be spending the night tonight to show their support of their adoption. They are so great and I think this will help the kids understand that they are still loved by their family. My MIL, Mother, and our beloved OT will also be joining us. It should be a quick ceremony and we are heading back here to eat brunch.


Pammie said...

You guys are my heroes!

Pamela Lowell is the author of RETURNABLE GIRL, (Marshall Cavendish Oct.2006).
A teen in foster care must choose between the woman who wants to adopt her
and the mother who abandoned her--amidst the bullying of middle school.

Innocent Observer said...

I'm a little confused about the water ban...(and I'm a little thick!) (and I have a placenta!) but going to the car wash isn't against the ban, is it? And is that why you are a liar?

Tudu said...

They rarely make sense when they are upset. She was trying to convince me that I was lying about her saying "na na na na na na". SHe claimed it was to herself and it didn't count. I am not sure how I was a liar, she said it.

We are in a major drought and our state is actually running out of water so we have strict water bans in place. Using any outside water will get your service cut off and a fine of $1000. If it doesn't rain alot soon we could run out of water by the end of the year.