Monday, May 17, 2010

Things Are Moving Along

The house is nearly painted. I am shocked that my 14 yr old and I did almost all of it ourselves. My DH will spend a few nights this week at the house and finish the top cutting in that wasn't done over the weekend. I decided after about 3 hours of painting that we would be repainting the trim after we moved in. Our trim is a very dark brown already and I have every intention of keeping it that color. With so many kids, it will save me a ton of effort repainting every 6 months in the high traffic areas.

All the work on both houses and packing has taken it's toll on my hips. I am back on pain meds to just walk around. I hate that. I know it is temporary because when we get moved I can slow down a bit physically. Until then, I have no choice if I want to climb a set of stairs.

Our Blue and Gold Macaw came home this week. We decided to name him Winston. He has really taken to me and I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life snuggled up with my new friend. When I come in the room, he quickly slides down the cage and drops to the floor to chase me down. He squawks periodically until I holler back at him, just letting him know where I am. He is a big ball of mush. He is getting used to all the commotion around here and the kids think he is the coolest thing ever.

Most of the kids are doing really well. Michael has turned into the easiest kid in the house. He is helpful, calm, clear about his feelings, caring, thoughtful, and affectionate. He has become the boy I had hoped he was deep down. He expresses how happy he is about his recent changes. Unfortunately, he is still actively hallucinating. Patches is having a tough time but hanging in there. Ruthie is not. She has been out of control and psychotic. She is extremely close to a hospital visit. Emma, Ava, and Ella are fantastic. Kiera is getting used to the idea of her own bed but not to sleep in, just to "watch cartoons in". Cyr is an amazing child. She is so helpful through her sadness. I love that child more than I ever thought possible. I can't believe I get to watch her grow up and become such an incredible young woman.

We have a visitor for a couple of nights. Gia! She told me, at dinner, this is her house, too. I have missed the kids so much. We saw them for a little bit on Sunday at the new house. I could have squeezed all of them to death but that would have shortened the visit. Rosa is looking for a house and we are hoping she chooses one close to ours so I can watch the kids for her when she works.


Ashley said...

So glad to hear things are moving along... That Kiera "Just to watch cartoons in!"

Hoping Ruthie comes out alright, and so glad to hear about your new feathered friend

FosterAbba said...

A blue and gold macaw! I am jealous! I want one someday.

Kelly said...

I have to fight back tears every time I read about Cyr. So happy for you and her.