Friday, May 14, 2010

Fighting for Services

I know, I used to post nearly every day and lately I have fallen off the face of the earth. Life keeps me busy, what can I say?

I spoke to Cyr's boyfriend's mom last night about something I NEVER thought I would agree to. After talking with her therapist about her relationship with this boy, I we all agreed we need to help her continue it unless she acts inappropriate. She has never had a friendship, of any kind, last more than a few months. This relationship has lasted 6. They are silly and fun together. That was such a difficult thing for her to be before. A fun loving girl, she was not. Now she is. She is sarcastic and entertaining. Since we are moving about an hour and 15 minutes away, visits every weekend won't happen. We have decided to offer to let him spend the night. Yes, go back and read it again. I said it. It took me a few times to say it out loud before I was able to stay conscience. Our thought is that we have door alarms on the bedrooms doors set on chime but they can be moved to a screaming sound and the camera can be set to the hallway to see who it is leaving the room. They wouldn't be able to get to each other through the door or window, since they have alarms, too. His parents commented on how careful we are with our daughter that they feel we would protect him, too. It may happen.

On a completely different note, Kiera peed on the potty! This child has been impossible to train. She tells me, "I don't want to potty train. Me the baby.". If I try to bribe her, she informs me, "I have to pee to get that candy? No, thanks." "I'll wear my panties on my diaper." Stuff like that. Refuses to go. She also will try to make the sound of going on the pot and ask for a treat. She ain't fooling me. LOL Today she was making the "sound" of peeing and actually went. She laughed and told me it was an accident because she could hear the water running. LOL I still gave her the treat.

I had an IEP meeting for Ruthie today and now it will be next week. I am so grateful the therapist wrote a wonderful letter trying to help get her in a contained class. I am a nervous wreck about it. It is so hard facing a bunch of people that don't see her behaviors but think they know my child. She is so preoccupied by all the other kids and possible sexual thoughts that she has nothing left for learning. I'm hoping to get the right services for her for next year. It will be nothing short of a miracle.


Book Lover said...

Letting a boyfriend spend the night at a young teens home is a dangerous precedence. Although I'm quite sure nothing untoward would happen, it sends a dangerous message. Your very young daughter needs to be developing friendships with other girls, not boyfriends. Please give this more thought.

Your Kiera stories make me laugh. She sounds like a handful!! The perfect personality to be the baby of a large family.


Kim Chrisman

Nichole said...

Kiera's comments had me laughing out loud :)

beauty obscure said...

Yes a dangerous precedence of her knowing that you care about her and support the relationships in her life that are healthy.

Also by having him in your home on your terms you prevent her from having to sneak around behind your back... you get some control instead of none.

I think healthy friendships (cause that's what it sounds like they have... sounds pretty tame) with the opposite sex are a really important thing for kids to develop at that age...
If you are ever need sex ed info for your kids may I recommend the woman who runs it is compassionate and supportive and best of all really knows her facts and research.

Umma said...

Having my son sit on the potty and turning the water on a trickle to "trick" him into using it was one of my very best PT tricks! I didn't care at all if it was an "accident" at first, lol. That Kiera is a funny girl!