Friday, April 09, 2010

Spring Is Here

We are surviving Spring Break. Ruthie, Ella, Ava, and Emma spent several nights at my MIL's. Ruthie lost her crap over there proving to her (I hope) that it is not me that makes her act that way, as she has constantly stated for the last year. She was able to get it together and stay the rest of the time there. Emma left from there and went to her Mother's so they could leave for their FL vacation. Michael and Patches left today to go to Kiki's but Michael was picked up to spend the weekend with his aunt and uncle. We stole Brooklyn, my niece, for the weekend.

Still house hunting. Still nothing.

We have officially packed up all our winter clothes. Let me tell you, it's no easy feat. We are trying to down size our lives a little before the move and it was great to send 12 bags of clothes to my sister's and Emma's Mom's. After getting rid of everything we don't need I was able to see what we really do. I ran by my favorite thrift store and picked up some short for my 2 oldest and my son. He has finally gotten big enough to go up a size. I bought him tons of size 6 before he moved in because he was 6 yrs old and it has taken him 4 years to out grow it. He will be 10 in a couple months. He has been retained twice in school and is still the smallest in his class. I ordered sandals tonight for a couple of kids and the rest just traded down to the next kid from last year. I think that is the best part in clothing so many kids, they just pass their stuff down. Someone will wear it.


Kelly said...

I can relate with the clothes thing. I have kept all my boy's clothes through the years and have so many. This isn't always a good thing for space but it is so nice to not have to buy much. We also get hand-me-downs from friends which is great because it seems like new stuff because I haven't been looking at it for so long. :)

Hope you find a house soon. Moving is so much work but so exciting!!

MomInTheTrench said...

Heh, we do the clothes shuffle too. They all get new things every now and then when I find great sales. . .but I try not to buy too much because keeping up with clothes for six kids is hard. I don't know how you do it.

L said...

Where are you looking to move if I may ask? (I'm pretty new to your blog but emailed and commented once or twice recently telling you some of my story) I ask because there is a house up here in Greene, Maine that is on 9 ACRES of land, it was built in 1975 and needs some work but it's listed fairly cheap for a house--I think around 125,000. If I remember it's got 4 bedrooms, a basement, several baths, etc. It's on and the zip code there is 04236. The school system in Greene is GREAT! Take good care and good luck! Lori