Monday, April 19, 2010

Not What I'd Dreamed of but...

We found a house. We made an offer. He accepted it. If all goes well, we should move mid June.

It's smaller than we'd hoped for. It currently has 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. No Play Room or Dining Room. The front door opens into a giant room that contains the LR and Kitchen. They are separated by a stone fireplace that goes to the top of the vaulted ceilings. There is a large back deck and tons of windows leading out to it. Master bed and bath are on the left and 2 bedrooms and a bath are on the right. There is a staircase that leads to the basement that has another bedroom and bath. On the other side is an over sized double garage. It is on .6 of an acre and is a great level fenced in yard. It is within the city limits and walking distance to town. He is so desperate, he took $30k less than he was asking. Our payment should drop at least a couple hundred a month from what we are paying now. It is about 4 miles from my sister's house.

The down side? We have to rip out the nasty carpet and it with hardwoods before we move in. It is completely white, walls, tile, cabinets, and vinyl. We have to paint first, too. It must be disinfected, it is filthy. We will have to quickly turn the garage into a Play Room and a separate Reptile Room. In the meantime, Michael's room will have to house all the toys. I would love to tackle the Kitchen and bring it up to date but that would have to wait for a year or so. I will have to go through every room here and get rid of stuff to fit comfortably. That's not a bad thing other than I don't want to go through it all. LOL We will fit fine once I do that.

Patches has already asked to wallpaper her walls with her favorite actor. Cyr cried her eyes out and then tried to find ways to be excited. The little kids are thrilled. They do not like their current school and want to go. They all want to be close to their beloved Kiki and cousins.


Kelly said...

I do not envy you. I hate to move. When we moved into this house 6 years ago I swore I would never move again. That was with 5 kids and so much less stuff than we have now. I can't even imagine moving right now with 9 kids and all the stuff we have in all the storage space this house has.

This house was NASTY. You could smell it before you even opened the door. We gutted the house and made it our own. All new floors, lighting, appliances and paint inside. We scraped the popcorn off the ceilings and repainted them all too. New doors, deck, landscaping and roof outside. We even moved some walls and opened up walls and built closets. It is perfect for us now and we love it. We did almost all the work ourselves and it took us about 2 months. It was exciting and fun but I am so glad it's done.

Hope your renovations go smoothly and the children transition well.

J. said...

I hope all goes well and that the whole process is not to hard on everyone, good luck with the reno's

MyLinda said...

sounds like it will be great! I don't think anyone likes the idea of going thru each room and getting rid of a lot but you'll feel much more organized and ready for the move when you do! I actually like the idea of having to rip out the carpet and paint the walls, the house will truly be your when you're done!! Our garage is our playroom and we love it!

Jennie said...

yay! This past week I would have moved into a single wide trailer if it meant I would be closer to family/help!!!!