Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Could It Be True?

Since the med addition, my son and Ruthie have been less violent! It took a couple of days but I can see huge changes in my son. He has let me redirect him several times and even repeated the words I asked him to when he was being mean to another child. It was amazing! He usually flips out and takes an hour to get it back together so he can do it. He is still having auditory hallucinations but has even been able to find humor in it. He laughed and said, "It's just me again" when he realized no one else was hearing someone outside throwing things at the house and running back in forth in the leaves. I was so shocked, I just stared at him. He forgot to set out his clothes and do his chore but smiled and did it when asked. I mean he is a different kid. I am so happy for him. He seems to be having fun now. Whoo Hoo!

This is our week for the state mandated testing. I have several that are completely freaked out by ANY testing and had to take meds this morning to cope. The last thing I told them as they left this morning was to make sure they made a bunch of mistakes on the test so they can stay in elementary school forever and be my babies. They all laughed and swore to try, for my sake.

I have a few houses to look at Sunday. It is so hard to find one big enough for us in our price range. We have to have 5 bedrooms or 4 with an unfinished basement, a 2 car garage, big eat in kitchen, both a LR and a Den, hardwoods on main level, and a yard bigger than a postage stamp in a certain city. I've already given in to a few things like a yard trumps hardwoods and a 5th bedroom. I'm still hopeful but getting frustrated.


Tara - SanitySrchr said...

Yay!!! Everything sounds like it's going well! Good job with your statements as they were running out the door!

Good luck on the house hunt! Praying you find the "perfect" location.

Kelly said...

So hope this med adjustment will prove to be a long-term change in your son. It is so nice to get to see our children truly enjoy the skin they are in. :)

cloudmaster said...

compromises are always required