Thursday, April 22, 2010


The guy changed his mind before anything was drawn up. He started going back and forth until I finally told him it wouldn't work for us and I wished him well. Of course, I really think he is an idiot.

Patches had a really bad night last night and we are trying to decide if it would be beneficial to involve the juvenile justice system in the future. She wasn't pshychotic, she was pissed. She hates the state testing and has been taking it out on us. SHe is mad about moving and instead of talking about it, she is abusing me. I've had it. She ran away and I let her. SHe kept coming back and destroying our property then leaving again. I am to the point that when she starts screaming she hates me, for no reason, and I am not her real mom, I agree with her. I'm not her real mom. Thank goodness, too. She goes on and on about how wonderful her life was and how I stole her. I've never been one to engage in all the crap but it is getting old. They have been here 4 years! We have established that I am second best, I am mean, she is never going to love me or come see when she grows up, I am fat, I stole her from a loving family, she wants to live with another family, I am old, and I am stupid. Why do we have to go over it so often? Maybe I should put all their statements in writing and when they start I could hand them a copy. You know, so they don't miss one.


Annie said...

*sigh* on the one hand, it means maybe next time you'll find something more in line with what you were after - on the other hand, with all the hassles, wouldn't it be nice to just get it done with! Best of luck with the (now continuing!) moving adventure.

Country mom said...

Well, hugs from another mean, fake, kidnapping a kid from a dream life, mom. I am sorry she is making life so hard for herself and you. Hope a better house comes along.

marythemom said...

I love the idea of a script! It makes me think of prescribing. You can remind them of the parts they left out! Make sure they yell and scream too!

Mary in TX

Abby said...

I second the script!! Include things like *stomp downstairs* and *slam door* too!

(I really hope you find a perfect house though. I'll keep ya'll in my prayers...)

Lisa said...

maybe you could grab the script when they get going and make a checkmark every time she lists one of her hateful one-liners - if she misses one, you get a point!!

My son called me a b--ch, fat as- and stupid the other day. I told him he was right, I was fat, but that I could lose weight, but he'd always have a big mouth - so very mature of me, I know, but I laughed and he got mad so who wins there? haha

Jennie said...

"what she said"

i could have just put a link to this post on my blog with the title "what she said"

Sissy gave us hell this week. I'm exhausted. I can't take it.

Sorry about the house!!!!!