Thursday, May 07, 2009

Getting ready for our party is a pain in the you know what. I was excited until I realized I would have to find a way to finish painting.

I had Michael's IEP this morning and it went better than I planned. They agreed to minimize his homework for next year to save me a few bruises. He doesn't turn it in anyway even if he does do it. They have to test him b/c he is turning 9 over the Summer. I was glad to hear he has made progress. It only took him 2 years of Kindy and 2 in 1st to be on a beginner 1st grade level. Woo Hoo. They were acting like he was doing so great. I calmly reminded them he is 9. I have to be realistic, they were talking about him catching up. He will NEVER catch up. I expect him to progress every year, a tiny bit.

Ruthie had a major blow out today with Rosa. So much for me taking a minute to myself and going to the store.

I also wanted to welcome my sister's teacher. Don't believe ANYTHING she says, we are all sane and she is the one with issues.


Marthavmuffin said...

Don't complicate the party, nobody is going to care about the painting, just put up some balloons and streamers and be done with it!

Carmine Crayon said...

What grade will he be in next year? 2nd? That's hard. At least they are holding him back so that he learns something. They just keep passing my mentee and she'll be in 12th grade next year when she's maybe being challenged at an 8th grade learning level. She is smart, but the school focuses on emotional and behavioral issues and they work sooo below their grade level. I want to know what happens when she graduates... can she just leave?

You mentioned tapping w/ Ruthie that I saw on another blog. Can explain a little more about it. I saw a video on youtube and it looked weird... do any of the other kids use it?

I still haven't finished painting and I started 3 years ago. And I don't have kids...

Donna said...

He will never catch up. And you know this. So you'll never expect that he will completely catch up. You will be satisfied if he makes progress on a yearly basis.

Thank of the heartbreak, for him and you, if you didn't know this and accept this. Think of the pressures on this kid if his mama didn't know and accept this.

If he makes *any* progress on a yearly basis, do a happy dance.


Carmine Crayon said...

oh, and happy belated birthday!! I hope it ended up nice and you only had to do a few holds. :)

Anonymous said...

What is your sons reason for having an IEP?

If your son is like mine with a reading disability, there really is hope. I once heard that some boys can be between 9 and 12 before they begin to read much at all and may never like it. I gave up when my son turned 12. But at age 13, he no longer needs an IEP and though he reads slow, he really can read almost anything and his comprehension is at grade level or better.

Somehow, when they hit puberty, things can change for the better, so don't loose hope!

Michelle said...

Hey Tudu...just wanted to tell you I'm still thinking about you. The silence on your blog is eerie. I hope you all are okay. I noticed you took down all of the information on your sidebars. Not sure what this means for you right now, but it does make me worry. Please let me know if I can help you somehow. Love and prayers, Michelle

Michelle said...

Okay, all of your sidebar stuff just showed up again, so maybe this was a problem with my computer. Either way, I feel better seeing it back up.