Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lots to Update

Things are not going well here. I hate to give to many details but my girls are saying things to the therapist that have caused enough concern for him to request a plan be in place for my son if or when I need him removed. My agency is getting right on it. The girls are unhappy about the way he treats me. I knew they were upset with him but I had no idea that it was concern for my safety. I feel I still have a grip on things but I want to be sure the girls fell safe over the fact I feel ok.

We are having an emergency IEP meeting about my son next week and hopefully he will be pulled out of a regular class and put in an emotional behavior class. The teacher is starting to feel the same way. I am thrilled she is seeing things and sad my son is making an ass of himself in front of the school. He is now telling stories about "bad boys" beating him up on the playground and in the hall. No one has ever seen them and he has never been able to point them out or show a bruise. Friday he came home with scraped knuckles that we took pictures of b/c he claimed it was from a fight but it looked like he rubbed them on concrete to me.

D is doing well in her new school. B is healing well and back to school. Emma is sick of my son right now but loves the girls. The twins have been driving me nuts over the last two weeks and I guess what is most upsetting is I expect more from them. Both are hitting and throwing tantrums that they are struggling to recover from. P has been stealing from school, just small amounts of money but still stealing.

I am listening to 3 raging tantrums as I type....Calgon take me away!!!!

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