Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Doctor Visit

I was convinced that I would have taken the kids to the doctor a long time ago if they felt half as bad as I did. If Mama's not happy ain't nobody happy was thrown in my face repeatedly, as well. I have not eaten since last Friday and am struggling to drink due to extreme pain in my stomach when I do. Turns out the kids have been slowly torturing me and I believe it is a form of attempted murder. LOL The stress headaches that I have had for months (since they moved in) have lead me to increase my ibuprofen intake and in turn has caused several stomach ulcers. Just great! So I take my little prescription to the pharmacy and I am taking 4 kinds of meds, 2 of each, 4 times a day for 14 days plus another one 2 pills twice a day indefinitely. Now that would not be so bad IF I COULD EAT OR DRINK! By the time I get a round down I have to start again. I can barely talk b/c the inside of my mouth is completely covered in canker sores and is very swollen, not a square centimeter is left untouched by the horrible things. They are so severe b/c my immune system was so compromised by the ulcers that I never actually had the flu, it was all from these stupid ulcers. I have managed to somehow get strep and am lucky I went to the doctor when I did b/c my throat only became sore that day and I assumed it was canker sores in my throat or something.

I think somebody should pay for this and it should not be me. Hmmm, who could it be? My son? Sounds good since this is directly linked to him and his poor choices. Too bad I can't really charge DFCS for it due to the lack of stability in his life since he has been in care. Afterall, that is what causes his RAD. OK, I am done complaining and back to getting my kids' lives back on track.

They have been more psycho than usual b/c I have been so sick. My son took a shower for the first time in 3 days and I an thrilled to smell a clean boy instead of a urine soaked one. D has not eaten dinner in 2 nights b/c she chooses not to eat and blames me for not feeding her. The plate was on the table and had food on it but I refuse to feed her? I am confused or maybe she is, perhaps she thought the food was for our ghost. She has struggled in the past with the need to control food so I know we will get past this or she will end up in the hospital with a drip, her choice. I am taking the calm approach to our lives from now on. I am giving up all the power and giving them 2 choices, the choice I want them to make or a really horrible option. LOL It will all be up to them.

Stay tuned to see who will win......The Psycho Kids or The Starving Mother!!!

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Fostermama said...

Oh Tudu! Too often we don't take the time to take care of ourselves first. I learned that lesson last year after not scheduling a pap for two years (since we became foster parents) and went in and had cervical cancer! Yikes. Everything is fine now....but I make mama's appointments right along with the kids now.

Hoping you hang in there and get some energy back soon.