Saturday, August 12, 2006

My laptop crashed last week and I have resorted to stealing my children's desktop to access the internet. I had my husband move it into my room because I could not stand it any longer and had begun having the shakes.

Lots has happened, the lice is still here, I have discovered a great way to get my son to cooperate with me, we are almost ready for school on Monday, and we have had just a few big tantrums in the last week. The lice showed back up today on my youngest and she refuses to sit still to have them removed. She is currently out on the back porch having the remaining nits picked out and then another round of shampoo and gel for all of us.

I stopped giving my son an audience and so now I give him a good choice and a bad choice and walk away. Sometimes he struggles and goes to his room to get a grip and he is still hitting the kids several times a day. When I am not looking he chooses the good one, if I stay and wait it becomes a tantrum. He has admitted to hurting someone a few times but nothing regular. Voila, a much happier Mom!

I have gone through most of the clothes and set out outfits for the first week for everyone so we won't have to argue every day about what they have to wear. I had to have them try many things on and pass them down to the next kid and that did not go over well. They seem so attached to their things and really struggle with giving them away even if they do not fit. I allowed them to keep a few things if there was a real reason, like a gift from their parents or something. I have a ton of stuff to be donated this week and make more room for us.

My 8 yr old destroyed her room earlier in the week and emptied a black pen all over the walls. She has not had a huge fit in about a week and needed a release I guess. My son broke his door again in another fit and both have been busy doing chores to pay for them.

Things are really falling into place and we have been able to venture out a few times lately. Walmart is getting easier and movies are great. The school is ready for them and I think I have speech worked out.

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musemoon said...

Bravo girl. You're a mad woman with a love crazed house :-) Love reading your blog.