Monday, August 28, 2006

Camping and the Lazy Toddler

If you have any concerns your child might snore and or might have allergies but need to be sure. Forget the doctors, just put up a tent in your very own backyard. That's what I did Saturday night and I regret it still today. Every one of those rugrats took turns snoring and talking in their sleep. I was miserable! My Dh forgot to put my foam mat out there and I did not notice until it was too late and had to sleep on the ground with a tiny little blanket. Between the noise inside the tent and the forest of night screaming animals in the yard, I barely slept. Then the kids woke up BEFORE dawn b/c some geese flew over honking up a storm. I had to take a nap Sunday afternoon b/c I just couldn't cope and then could not sleep last night so not so good today. Several of my kids have been sniffing and snotting everywhere for 2 days and no one seems to know what a tissue is. I drugged 'em all this morning and sent them to school.

My niece is 2 years old and I keep her during the day. She is a doll and we have a pretty good time although she is not like other children and prefers adults to play with. So this morning she realized the twins will be home and she has told me about 10 times to take them to school. She refuses to play with them and has even decided she wants to lay around in my bed all day and watch cartoons without them. This is not weird for her b/c she is the laziest child ever and would never leave my bed if she had a choice. I am not kidding. I just find it weird she does not like other children, I know they are trying to play with her and they like her but she just shoos them away. She is nuts, I thought she would like the company, guess I was wrong. Too bad, Brooklyn!!!


Linda said...

Camping ... I feel your pain! I camped with only 2 kids ... unfortunately, it was during a heat wave ... we survived two nights at the campground before going home with about 200 mosquito bites between the 4 of us ... we were supposed to stay 5 nights! It's going to be a long time before we do that again ... maybe never, lol!

musemoon said...

Boo hoo I love camping :-( It is so fun to take my 7 month old out into the woods. My suggestion is, get blow up mattresses, like the big fluffy kind from Target and try again, when it's not hot. Or do as my mom did with back yard camping, let the older ones brave it on their own and bring the little ones inside at dark, then have griddle pancakes outside. It still is weird in your back yard though and camping is a pain in the tukas...and with so many might be prohibative...or not, they may love the exersise and being outdoors. I just feel that camping is a misery sport you learn to love..teee hee. I remember sleeping outside with my sis and we decided not to use the tent but sleep out in the open air and this is in nose-upturned Orange County...or the OC. And we saw an animal we thought was our little kitten Muffy, we called to her to come to us...turns out it was a possum and we both ran like fire into the house and were afraid to even clean up later that kids....yikes.

Bravo for braving it are awesome!

Tudu said...

I love camping, but I forgot to blow up my mattress and dh forgot the pad until too late and I paid the price for it. We are taking the kids next weekend to camp at a state park in a primitive site and seriously thinking of going to Blue Springs, FL for Thanksgiving to see the manatees if all goes well.