Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I had a horrible experience with a police officer yesterday. I called to have one come out b/c my 6 yr old son had lost control again. It was really a normal day but my children and I am tired of being abused by him b/c he does not get his way. An officer called me back and I explained our situation and his issues and that I really thought it might help to have an officer write up a report and explain that he was assaulting us and it was not acceptable. Turns out there is nothing they can do unless he involves a weapon and it is all my fault he is not under control. He explained if he came out he would be removing all of my children and charging me with neglect for failure to protect my other children from him. He was so nasty to me even after I tried to explain he came to me like this and it is from neglect blah, blah, blah. He told me to just give him back then if he was so bad. What? I was more upset by that than his other threats. Give him back, like he was a broken toy. Just return him. I ended up losing control of my tears and raised my voice that that was the very htinking that put my son inthe situation he is in. I can't believe their are officers this ignorant on the force in his position. I got so frustrated I just hung up on him. What else can I do? I can't educate every officer inthe county or can I?

My kid's SW still insists I have to have fingerprints and drug screens done on anyone who babysits my children. That is such a crock of crap. No where does it say that is a requirement. I am begining to think they want us to disrupt. Maybe to find cheaper families, I don't know what else it could be. My thought is to find another fosterparent in metro Atlanta to trade babysitting with me b/c they will meet that criteria. I can't even find a support group for fosterparents in one of the largest counties here. I am very frustrated with this system and am searching for any advice on how to deal with this issue. I am at a loss. My agency thinks this is crazy b/c they can't find it written anywhere that sitters must meet this level of background checks. What can I do? Has anyone ever heard of this? They claim it must be at my expense. Drug screens are expensive and fingerprints can take a very long time to be returned b/c ours was like 12 weeks.


Maerlowe said...

Oh my. I don't have any advice, I don't know how to handle this, and for that I am sorry. You are doing so much, and to have both the police and SWs cut your legs off at every pass just plain sucks. Do you have a police officer friend or a friend of a friend that would come by in uniform and give a "come to jesus" speech? Is there anyone he's responded to in the past? I just don't know, and I'm so sorry.

Guppy said...

Tudu, did you go to supervisor yet? and then to the next and next? Until they get rid of this crap? I know you dont' have extra energy to be aggressive but I'd take all the kids, go to DCF and stand there (with raging kids) until they did something. They are bunch of ignorant folks for putting obstacles under your feet.

musemoon said...

My social worker told me that until two months ago all of our care givers had to be finger printed even HMG who is Squeak's sorta dad had to be finger printed and my mother and sister. They finally lifted the finger print rule in Los Angeles 2 months ago. I would go to the supervisor and ask for support with a foster trade or a way to help the finger printing process along. Our DCFS office processed the finger prints in a week. :-)'ve had it rough girl. Lice, kicking, biting, barfing. YOU HANG IN THERE.