Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If You Thought That Was Bad....

The last post caused some stirring in my family. They are upset I spoke about them "on a public forum". Honestly, I was being nice in that post. I'm sorry if they were so upset. I'm sure they will be really pissed when the book comes out since I'm not changing the names since they aren't innocent.

If they were so horrified, why did they tell all their friends to come look? I don't mind, every time they come here, I make $ off them.


Kristine said...

My brother, who sounds an awful lot like your sister, doesn't think that I know he reads my blog. He doesn't know I'm making money off his visits either.

Families are crazy.

I'm glad to hear your mom has found happiness!

GB's Mom said...

lol, glad you are getting some good out of them!

Happiness is great at any age.