Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Visit With G Gma

I drove an hour to take the 3 kids to see their G Gma, CW, G Aunt, and Guardian Ad Litem. It seems we are all on the same page. G Gma is exhausted and worn slap out. She fears she is letting them down and failing them. I tried to help her come to terms with her feelings and we both made promises to each other. She is a very nice lady that has gone above and beyond her abilities to try to help the kids. She can do no more. She asked they be moved before school starts to my home permanently.

I left the oldest there ad kept the 2 younger ones. I'm not sure how she will manage with him there, he became obnoxious the second we pulled in the drive. He was disrespectful and rude to her. He insisted on blasting music and changing the channel on the TV. He ran in and out and was very aggressive towards both his siblings. I, being me, couldn't watch this without stepping in. I forced him to clean up his destruction in a polite but firm way. I suggested he get a grip with a loving smile on my face but a tone that he couldn't mistake. He did.

We ran over to meet the attorney at McDonald's. He was surprised I handle the kids an managed to have a conversation with him. He spoke briefly to the little girl and she told him she wanted to stay with us. She feels safe here and wants to be adopted by us. She compared our home to her Granny's and it is obvious she like that we have flooring, closets with clothes and shoes bursting from them, cabinets with doors, and a lack of roaches.

TPR trial is tomorrow. Everyone feels things will move quickly after that. The CW wants us to update our home immediately. It looks like they will be here unofficially until then.

When we returned home, the 2 yr olds ran to each other and hugged like they had been apart for years. He ran in and screamed, "HOME!".


Integrity Singer said...

ok - reading through and catching up. I've been so self-absorbed with crisis with Sissy and Aspie Boy i haven't been able to think!


some day you're going to tell me how you make adoption so gosh dern easy because wow. our struggles to become parents was SO hard I just can't fathom such an easy pathway to parenting.

L said...

I don't know if you remember me..I'm a fairly recent reader who emailed you at one point with my story of abuse, ptsd and unresolved attachment issues which have been recently diagnosed. I still read your blog and keep you in my prayers--even though I don't comment often lol.
I sooo admire your efforts on behalf of the children, your tenacity and especially your great love for them. It shines through even when you seem weary or frustrated! I STILL say I wish I'd had a "you" in my life when I was growing up.
And now? I wish we could be neighbors and friends so I could help you out when needed! Take care, Lori