Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Arrest

It was stupid. I was stupid. I received a speeding ticket last July in my MIL's car. It is a tiny thing and I drive a huge 15 passenger van. It seemed like I was within the range of the limit but I wasn't even close. I was pulled over and ticketed. No biggie. I spoke to the lady at City Hall and mailed in a money order to pay for it. It kept nagging at me. I never received the receipt like she promised to mail me. I told my husband just days before I was arrested, I felt like I needed to call and check on it. I forgot to.

The Thursday before school let out, I stopped by the elementary school to pay for a library book. For some reason, I didn't put my van in park and it moved about 12-14 inches before bumping another car. No damage was done to either vehicle. I was in a hurry and suggested I give them my insurance information and both of us move on. She was a stupid woman that couldn't make a decision for herself and decided to call the police on me. She claimed she couldn't do that without the owner's approval. That led me to believe, it was a friend's car. I later found out it was her and her husband's car. Idiot. Anyway, I asked her to get him on the phone. I explained. He agreed to let it go with just trading information. We did that I was on my way.

I received a call about 20 minutes later that I had to return to the scene b/c I was going to be charged with leaving the scene of an accident. When I explained my side and the fact that I can't be charged with that b/c I had exchanged information and that's what is required by law. Then he began to get mean and threatened me with obstruction of justice. He was pissed. I agreed to meet him at my house. He checked out my van and began questioning me about my kids. It turns out, he was planning on arresting me and had to be sure I had someone that could watch my kids. He threatened to contact DFCS if I couldn't make arrangements immediately. Luckily, Rosa was on her way there and was able to help me out.

I was arrested, handcuffed, and placed in the back of a police car. Did you know they have A/C only in the front of the car? The giant plastic shield kept me from feeling any of it. I was taken to the county jail to be processed. The processing deputy took pity on me and kept me up front with her. I never saw a moment behind any locked door. My DH was already calling before she had a change to process me. She informed me I was being charged with driving on a suspended license. Nothing else. She also told me I had a bench warrant for failing to appear. I knew exactly what happened. She thought it was funny. She called and they refused to come transport me so I was going to be released.

As they walked me towards the door to my freedom, they called out for me to come back. I was inches away but followed their directions. Their head count was off. They had misplaced 2 prisoners. No one could come in or out until they were found. It took them 3 hours. They had a shift change in that time period and the new deputy saw I had the warrant. He took it upon himself to see if he could get them to come get me. It was a scary 4 minutes but in the end, they refused. I was released.

I worked it all out with the lady at City Hall a few days later. I was released from the charges and my license was reinstated. I still have to go to court over the driving without a license. I'm sure I will have to pay a fine but my life almost behind bars is over.


Addie Pray said...

The same thing happened to me several years ago. I mailed the money to pay the ticket, never received a receipt, and then I heard, "We can do this the hard way or the easy way."

They didn't put me in a cell either.

Bad experience. Sorry that it happened to you.

Nichole said...

OMG!!! That is insane!! Everyone's worst nightmare

Innocent Observer said...

Never a dull moment!

It took them 8 months to get back to me for my speeding ticket (I was only driving the 12 passenger van, but I was visibly pregnant!!!) and I was so afraid I was going to jail!

Kelly said...

Oh help me. I would have absolutely died. DIED...I tell you! You have the most eventful life of anyone I know. LOL

Kate said...

So glad to see you are back. Your updates were missed. How is everyone? Ruthie's hospital stay? Getting arrested, moving, and taking in three more kids all in the same time period WOW. and now possibly TWO sons and a husband with the same name LOL.. Anxious to hear more!! Wish I could help out some with all the chaos that must be going on now.

Tudu said...

Kate, Ruthie is doing very well. All 3 of my complicated children have had a fit or 2 but nothing serious. Michael and Patches are both pretty delusional and the p doc says that meds may not help that considering it's been so long. The damage is done. Both have been having hallucinations because of the stress of a move and school ending.

Penny@FOSTER2FOREVER said...

I've always taken defensive driving for tickets. So did you at least get a new profile pic / mug shot from your experience?

Tudu said...

NO, I made sure it wouldn't be posted online like some places were. I could just see my BIL printing a bunch out and pasting them all over my house during a get together.

beemommy said...

I don't know Tudu...privacy, quiet, no kids...sounds like heaven to me.