Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our county is redrawing the district lines to accommodate our brand new elementary and middle school that is about 2 miles from our house. Rosa and I decided to go to the elementary meeting last night and arranged for my DH to stay home with all 11 kids. This was especially sweet of him b/c he is sick. We head out the door during dinner with letter in hand that included the location. I began driving down the main road thinking I knew where I was going only to realize the addresses were going in the wrong direction. We turned around and sped towards the right office. Pulled in and noticed a bunch of cars so we thought we were there. As we stepped through the door I knew it was wrong even if there were a ton of people sitting in the conference room. We had walked in on a BOE meeting. Ooops! We tried to sneak out but I am sure the giggling gave us away and we ran out. I raced her to the truck and won. I have no idea how my fat butt managed to get there first but it is true.

At this point, we are late for the meeting. I have huge issues about being late to things. This does not mean I am not late b/c regularly I am. We found the old school turned BOE Annex 6 miles in the other direction. There wasn't a parking place in sight. We pulled around back and as we laughed about how funny it would be if we ran around the building only to discover they were watching us the entire time thinking what idiots we were. I noticed the windows and then the chairs full of people. OMG! I wanted to die. Everyone was facing us and could see we were lost and practically running around checking all the doors. We did manage to find the proper door and get in. There were 2 chairs left in the entire place. You can guess where they were, up front. We listened for a few minutes and it was over. The new principal put back on the Power Point show so that we could see the entire first 15 minutes. The important stuff like the teachers, hours, needs of the new school, and open house.

After all was said and done, I went up to introduce myself since I will have 5 possibly 6 kids there and 2 grand children. As I said my name, her face lit up. She knew who I was. That can't be good. Without further questions she leaned in and told me to email her a list of my kids needs as far as teachers go so she could try to accommodate them. She was polite but I know she has already gotten the gossip about us. I wonder what she heard. LOL

Cyr came home today and told me she was attacked by a girl at school. Some kids were calling this girl names and Cyr went over to tell them to stop and the girl hit her. She chased her to a corner and twisted her arm before hitting her again. A friend of Cyr's tried to help but she got chased across the field and some staff had to restrain this kid. Sound like anyone we know? Poor Cyr was upset but realized this girl was a lot like her sister, Patches, and quickly got over it. This girl regularly attacks people when she is upset.

Speaking of Patches, she is doing GREAT! I have even yelled at her without her flipping out. This is real progress for her.


Thandi said...

LOL about the running around etc. And hope you're famous, rather than infamous!All the best with the new school.

Nichole said...

glad Patches is making progress!

The Bus Driver said...

you still alive? havent seen you post in forever!