Tuesday, April 07, 2009

It has been a rough couple of days. Kiera is home safe and sound but in a BAD mood. She is back to hitting me and screaming all night long. I swear it happens about every 30 minutes. All 3 of us are not sleeping through her fits. I am not sure if it has to do with the visit (probably) or she is getting sick again. It is extremely stressful.

I received 8 subpoenas in the mail yesterday for next Monday. I called and they put us "on call". They are hopeful to postpone the trial to July. I must admit it did send my heart into panic mode. I have kinda tuned out regarding the trial. I figure I can't stress and waste all my energy on worrying when it is so far away. The mail changed that for a second.

Patches is barely holding it together over Spring Break. She is trying but having a really hard time. Michael is, too.


Abby said...

Gotta admit... I'm so jealous you guys are on break already! We still have another week to go and my students are SO not doing well waiting for it. ughhh

Wendy said...

Poor Kiera. She may have come back physically OK, but the visits are obviously doing something to her emotional state. Is there any legal reason you have to allow the visits? Maybe you could have them visit her for an afternoon at your home?

Michelle said...

Tudu, you are such a great mom...and I hope you don't take this wrong.

Are you sure it's a good idea to let Kiera go over to Great Grandma's and her birth mother's? As I was reading this, the thought occurred to me that even WITH the best of care, you almost lost her when she got sick last time. What if she got sick while at Granny's...and they didn't recognize the symptoms? Or they overdosed her?

I'm just wondering how well and attentive they will be to Kiera's health needs...and her emotional needs.

Tudu said...

I don't really have a choice except to let her go. She still has her rights in tact and I am obligated to allow visits. She only wants her on holidays and she has the supervision of both G Granny and her G Aunt.

Michelle said...

Oh...(as understanding hits me). I didn't realize that you were obligated to do that. I don't know all of the rules about guardianship (that is what you have right?). I had an online friend who had custody of the kids and I assumed that custody and guardianship were the same thing. In her case, she was not obligated to do anything with the birth mother (though she did try for a long time, time BM got violent with her and scared the children).

I'm sure you'll find some workable solution soon.