Saturday, April 04, 2009

I spent the entire day (left at 7 AM and returned at 6:30 PM) going to and waiting on 3 kids getting new psychological evaluations. We are using the same wonderful doctor that we did 2 yrs ago. Unfortunately, I will have to do it all over again in 2 weeks.

Speaking of April 18th, we had to postpone the party until May 16th. Kids don't care and we had a couple of scheduling conflicts.

Now that Cyr has 2 friends, we are seeing her less and less. I am so thrilled that she is getting invited to go and do things. Her social life is becoming "normal". This time last year, I was very worried b/c she rarely spoke of friends or talked on the phone. Now she is spending the night out and they are inviting her back so she must be behaving herself.

I am stressing over the baby's visit with her mother. It is for one night and it is at her Great Granny's so I know she is safe. I decided her Great Granny would do the right thing and keep her safe. My DH dropped Emma off at her Mom's and then Kiera off. He forgot to leave the car seat so she can't leave with her. I had to call and go over the rules once again b/c she planned on taking the baby to her other Gma's. Her visits must be supervised by Granny or me, period. I promised to come out when the kids go back to school to take her and the baby to her dying Gma's so she can show her off.

I hate that I am so bitter about this but I am. The longer we are in this situation, the angrier I get. It pisses me off. She refuses to consider signing over her rights. She wants the title. She already complained that she was tired today and it was just an afternoon. I want her to pull her head out of the sand and be a decent parent. Kiera needs her to get her shit together. I hope she takes after Emma's Mom and gets some help soon or goes to jail so she can sober up. At least she doesn't have some bizarre mental illness on top of it.

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