Thursday, April 02, 2009

I Blame You

Not one person suggested I take back that last post until a few days had passed. Not one person. Like I feared, it blew up in my face yesterday. Not only Patches but Ruthie and Michael, too. I'm not even sure where to begin but I liked having someone to blame even if it wasn't really their fault.

Patches came home witchy. She started off slowly and progressed to screaming at the kids in the yard. I so shouldn't have trusted her but I needed her to "entertain" someone so I could pull off a prank. I asked her to come in and take a chill pill, literally. She refused and it got nasty after that. Let's just say, I was COVERED in snot and spit. My thighs got a great workout and are shaky today. This lasted about an hour and required Rosa, myself and my DH to intervene. No one was hurt nor did she attempt to hurt anyone other than herself (mildly) and me.

Michale and Ruthie were caught under a big blanket. They were playing peek a boo of sorts with the baby but it is a HUGE no no here and requires a timeout every time. That set of Michael's need to lie when the truth is better switch that wasn't able to be shut off the rest of the night. What began as a simple "think about what you were doing moment" turned into a "I hate you and I'm gonna hurt you" one. I was attacked separately by Ruthie and Michael. This is progress b/c in the past she would jump my back when I had to hold him to the ground. I am so grateful they are both the tiniest of kids.

At bedtime, Michael and Eddie were jacking around and going in the girls' room. The girls got mad and yelled at them. When confronted, Eddie agreed he was wrong and Michael denied any knowledge of the events. Like I was going to believe that? He denied it over and over so I told him for getting out of bed he could practice staying in bed a half hour early tonight. For lying her needed to write "I will not lie to my wonderful mother." 50 times. You would have thought he would stop in his tracks, right? No. He kept on and on. I will have 250 of those sentences to post on my fridge. This will be his second writing assignment. He acted like he hated it the last time but I guess not.

I did a ton of practical jokes, mostly focusing on Rosa. I will try to post a few of the good ones later.

I still do not have the other blog invitations sent. It is b/c I have nothing to post over there. I will do it before I post, I promise. If I have your request, you will be invited.


Lorraine said...

I am sorry. I will write "I will not let a friend jinx herself" 50 times. LOL,
hope things get better soon!

Dia por Dia said...

I am so sorry too. Since my son earned 80 sentences and I forgot what they were for I am going to have him write "My mom should not let her friend jinx herself." 80 times. I bet he doesn't even notice.... :)

Annie said...

I suppose it's the fact that I am only reading about your situation that lets me laugh at the lines you gave your son. Because they are sort of fantastic.

Tudu said...

Thanks for the laugh, all 3 of you!