Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sick and Old

We did go yesterday and all went smoothly. I think my attorney thinks I am an idiot because she repeats everything to me slowly. Last time she was critical of the kids behavior. Hello Lady, the kids have a horrible past dealing with the courthouse and nothing good came come from being there. Why wouldn't they be acting up? Made sense to me. All we have to do now is get our fingerprints done again and update our homestudy. No problem.

P has been sick for 2 days. She started throwing up in the middle of the night and I was upset she woke up the dog telling me her throat her. I felt horrible when I heard her crying and wretching. I ran in there to help catch it before it hit the floor. What is wrong with me, the dog has peed on the floor now so let the puke hit the floor. She has been miserable laying on the sofa and so sick she didn't hear the other kids get up and go to school. She woke up frantic that they had overslept b/c I was on the other sofa passed out after being up all night.

I found out from her sister, D, that she had gotten in trouble the last afternoon she had ridden the bus home. She had been trying to be funny with the 2 ladies on the bus and called one an old lady. The bus driver had her move up front and wrote her up. I understand that name calling is rude but in our house "Old Lady" is not bad. It is something you strive to be. It is said teasingly and lovingly. I call my Mother, The Old Lady, of course, I also call her other things to my sister but my child doesn't know that. Anyway, P was trying to be funny and this lady was upset. Why is old a bad thing? It just doesn't seem fair. Well, I forgot to mention in our house crazy is normal, that could be part of the issue, too.


Innocent Observer said...

I know what you mean about these pet names. We have to be so careful to tell the kids that other people might be insulted by them. When my kids were really little I would call them fresh or fresh tomatoes as a term of endearment and people told me later that they thought I was telling my kids they were rotten. And now that I have typed rotten it reminds me that my Dad called me "rotten kid" when I was little, and of course I loved it!

friendly said...

Congrats on filing the petition! That is great! I know what you mean about family nicknames. My hubby calls me "grandma" because I am always popping my back and I'm always wearing a sweater in the house. I think it's funny but when he said it around a friend of mine she thought he was being mean. Oh well! You can't worry too much about what other people think I guess.

ania said...

Well, at least she didn't call her a "Crazy Old Lady" and tell her that she was going to "beat her" (tickle her) :)