Thursday, September 06, 2007

Another Family Member

Well against my better judgement we are getting a dog. I am not happy about this in the least but I was outvoted by every other member of my family. Personally, I think I should be the only one that counts b/c I will be the only one taking care of this beast. I am home all day while they are at work and school, why is it that I am being forced into this.

He will be delivered to the airport tomorrow and my DH will be driving the hour to pick him up. Every one here is thrilled to death about his arrival. He is an Argentine Dogo. The only good thing about this breed is they do not have any odor. That is a huge thing to me b/c every dog we have had besides a Dogo smell so bad I get headaches. They are very large and white. They look like huge Pitbulls but are pack dogs, actually boar hunters. They are very easy to train and smarter than a German Shepard. They are protective but only if you are in danger and are friendly if you know the person. They read their owners very well and are great lap dogs if you had a giant lap that is. I am sure I will have tons to post later about this subject.


Innocent Observer said...

We just found out about a potential adoptive placement for whom the catch is she is extremely allergic to pets. My husband and I decided that this is a blessing really, we will never again have to think about adding an animal to our family. (Our family dog died after almost 15 years with us.)

Why is the dog flying in? What is his story?

I'm sure the kids will love having a dog to play with. Have fun!

Tudu said...

He is from CA and my DH found him online. His father is the International Grand Champion of his breed so my DH couldn't resist. His plans are to get a female and breed them. He breeds reptiles and thinks it would be great to breed this type of dog b/c they are so expensive. He has been paying on this dog for 6 months, he was right at the $3000 mark after shipping and crate. I was not aware he had been sending her money as a deposit awhile back b/c he used a bonus he received w/o telling me. I thought he couldn't come up with that kind of money so I told him if he could then OK. Stupid me should have known he was up to something.

The kids are thrilled with the dog. They wanted to sleep with him, hold him, and feed him by hand. No one wants to clean up poop though.

Mongoose said...

He was spending all this money on a dog while you stressed out about your adoption assistance cheque? I hope it poops gold or something.

Blah Blah Biddy Blog said...

Sorry about the circumstances, but you need to make sure that your hubby socializes this boy to the extreme. He needs to be very well obedience trained and worked with *very* regularly. Dogos can be a real problem dog with aggression, prey drive, etc. Just make sure hubby stays on top of training so you don't end up with problems later. No teaching him to roughhouse with the kids-he'll still think it's okay when he's pushing 200 lbs.