Thursday, March 30, 2006

My worker called and she has finally talked to the kids SW! The files went out TODAY! She wanted to schedule the meeting with DFCS and our agency for next week. My worker said hold off until we get the files and have our presentation of the files. We expect to do that next week and meet with everyone else the week after. I asked if it would be ok not to take the kids until school is out and she agrees it would be awful to move them with only a couple of weeks of school left.

Their SW is comfortable with us working out some sort of openness in the adoption even if we have to do it ourselves. They discussed the kids many counseling and PT/OT appointments. The kids are also still having supervised visitation with their parents that they will have to continue less frequently once they move in.

Our worker suggested we get a photo album together for them to see us and our home and any extended family we want them to see. I guess it is time to get the video camera fixed so we can talk to them. I am so excited to take a ton of pictures and get it all together for them. It will be a nice project for spring break.

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