Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Nichole has come and gone.

She called Saturday night around 11:30 from her Mom's and did not leasve a message. I called her back first thing in the AM and she was already back with him. Monday her Mom called me and I convinced her to go over to her house and get her to leave and see if she was ready. She claimed she was and they called me to meet them and get her.

We met in between our homes and she looked horrible. She was once such a beautiful girl and now the drugs have taken their toll. Her teeth have turned brown around the edges and are stained from smoking. I have heard that Meth does a number on your teeth but I was not prepared for what I saw. Her hair has become very thin and she is once again covered in sores form picking when she is high. I see her face in my daughter's every day, they look exactly alike except Nichole has straight hair. How could she let herself go at 24?

She did not call him the first night but did the second day. She was so depressed. This morning, while I was out briefly, the boyfriend's parole officer called my house (her Gma called the officer b/c he had threatened Nicole at her house Monday and she felt she needed to notify the officer and gave her my #) she questioned her about the incident Monday and told her he needed to come into the office or a warrant would be issued. She must have called him b/c about 2 hours later she went out to smoke and never came back in. She left with him.

I called the officer and explaine she had left and they were both using Meth lately and the correct address where he was staying. She was not aware that 2 police reports had been filed in the last month about the domestic violence issue.

This afternoon Nichole called screaming that he had been arrested and it was her Gma, Mom, and my fault then hung up. I then received a call from the worker warning me that her was arrested and making threats. He will be released April 6 b/c he gets off Parole then and they had to let him go. He is a violent man that has been in and out of jail for violent crimes and drugs many times. Now he has it out for me and her family.

I called Nichole back and let her have it. I deserved to be told she was leaving and to just step out on the front porch and disapear was offensive to me and her daughter. She needed to grow up and be a Mother and stop being so selfish. How could she continue to put her children in danger and come in and out of all of their life w/o thinking of them.

I am so upset with her!! I said my part and hung up on her. I am done. She needs to get herself together. She is so drugged up and her relationship with this guy is so dangerous. She will not see Em until she leaves him. She is welcome to call but I will supervise conversations. Her Mom and I will continue to talk and visit but I have to protect our daughter from her right now.

On a better note, my worker called and the relatives were denied. They said there were many reasons but they are not an option. Yeah!!! I can move forward and decorate. We still have to read their files and meet with the SW, therapists, and foster parents but I don't think there is much in there to stop this from moving ahead. Our worker feels they have been very open about the children's issues and we are comfortable with all so far. Hopes are high, I hope this moves fast b/c we are ready now.

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