Monday, February 13, 2012

You know your kid has RAD get a whiff of his hair and you puke. Seriously, he showers every night and still comes out smelling like a wet dog. He always manages to find time to use deodorant and still stick to high Heaven. It takes real effort to smell like he does. He puts a lot of energy into it. He alternates between smelling like he just shit his pants to greasy wet dog. He can make it as hard as he wants to, I'm still going to love him. I may not snuggle on a full stomach but love him from across the room, I will.

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Lisa said...

AUGH!! I know exactly what you mean. We have literally given up on our son smelling good "after" a shower. He usually smells like greasy old unwashed man, but the wet dog reference really hits home. Our entire bathroom smells like wet dog when he comes out of the shower. I've taken to shaving his head every other month to cut down on the smell somewhat. He actually has what looks like cradle cap on his scalp from not scrubbing his head. One haircut, about 2 yrs ago, I scrubbed his head afterwards and he had all of these raw patches where the "cradle cap" was especially nasty looking. He went to school the next day and told everyone I cut his scalp up when I was shaving his head. Well of course, it wouldn't be cool to say that he doesn't clean himself properly. Our p-docs nurse asked yesterday at our appt. about his hygiene (any improvements?) and I said no. She asked my son why he didn't like to shower or smell clean and his answer was, "I don't notice it so I don't see why you should". I'm starting to think he really doesn't notice it at all - he's so used to it. I made him take baths to at least soak the filth off until he was 15 - even then he'd just sit in the water, unmoving, until he noticed we weren't paying attention and then the water would be out in a flash and he'd be dressed. So many things to deal with, no wonder I'm so tired all the time!