Friday, January 27, 2012

Bribes and Threats

My son has been home for 8 weeks and his honeymoon is officially over. He can't follow a rule or stop trying to argue with me to save his life. He actually argues by himself until he ends up sobbing. It's so sad to watch but worse, it gets on my nerves. I walk away. I have to. He hounds me to the point I can't speak to him. His brain doesn't process his thoughts very fast and you can see him trying to come up with the next lie but instead he studders. He no longer has any of his Christmas gifts and his room smells so bad that we have to keep his door shut. I spray it every day but he works very hard at keeping the urine stench fresh.

Patches is amazing. Ruthie is even better than that. Emma is a ball of anxiety. Cyr is finally letting some of the stress go. Ella is taking a mental health day today and hanging out with Kiki and I. Ava is growing way too fast. Kiki is like a wind up toy wound too tight. She doesn't stop. EVER.

My MIL, however, is not doing well. She has been battling breast cancer that has moved into her bones for quite awhile. She has been in and out of the hospital for a couple weeks and is very weak.

I really got lucky in the MIL dept. I lovingly call her delusionally optimistic. I think it gives you an idea of her personality. Nothing is ever bad. She can do anything. She is strong and brave. She hasn't chosen an easy path in life but never complains. We are a stronger family because of her. My son is the man he is because of her. She is literally the nicest person I know. She has always been kind and giving but has spent more time with my difficult children than any one else. She never says no and always goes out of her way to help. It is breaking my heart she is across the state and I can't help her when she needs it the most. All I can do is hope she gives in to my pleas and comes to stay with us until she feels stronger. If she doesn't give in soon, I may have to break out the bribes and threats.


robyncalgary said...

May I suggest kidnapping? ;) lol

Shattered said...

Bless you for what you are doing for your kids. I wasn't so lucky and now I'm an adult dealing with my past. I have a daughter who is "fine" but she is still challenging... I can't imagine how hard things must get for you at times but please know that you really are doing a lot of good for them.