Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Very Emotional Night

Cyr showed no improvement after a round of steroids. The doctor said it looks like it is a genetic form of hearing loss instead of damage to her ears. They took a mold of her ears today. Now we wait until they call to have us come in to fit the new aids. She has been a real trooper. SHe was a bit weepy tonight. I told her it is perfectly normal and she has every right to be upset.

I really don;t think this will hold her back. She will be able to do anything she wants. She may just have to take a different route to get there. I wish I could post her biggest concern but instead I'll just put a reminder in here that I told her she wasn't deaf and dumb and things will work out. Her and I will get a big laugh about that when she can find humor in all this later. Oh, and she should just go ahead and take full advantage of this now and blame all her lower grades on this emotional trauma. She admitted she plans on doing that. LOL She is SO my daughter.

I reconnected with someone tonight that I thought I lost many years ago. I love how much she has grown and how she has the ability to say what she thinks in a very clear but kind way. She is as amazing as I knew she would be. I would love to tell you who she is but with recent events that you all are not aware of, I shall keep her nameless. We sure would hate for people to attack her, too, for no reason. She knows who she is and that's all that matters. Somehow, the young women in this group she belongs, are so much more mature and accepting than their parents. I knew there was a reason I adored them all.


Fighting for my Children said...

Sounds like she is having trouble dealing with the fact she needs a hearing aid.I hope she will feel bettter about it in time.

robyncalgary said...

for some reason im unable to comment on cyr's current blog post, maybe you can forward this comment to her for me? thanks :)

"i know it doesnt really help when youre right in high school and the other kids and looks and all that, but just wanted to say "those who matter wont mind, and those who mind dont matter"

hopefully once you get your hearing aids then classes will be easier because youll be able to HEAR everything being taught :) not the same, but i know when i first got glasses i stepped out of the eye doc and it was crazy! "mom! i can see EACH TREE on that mountain! i can see the powerlines!"

maybe check out youtube and those videos of people hearing for the very first time, i dont have the link but theres one of a baby hearing his mom's voice for the first time... so sweet :) maybe something you can look forward to is plan ahead... what is the FIRST song you want to listen to once you get your aids. or something :)

youre strong stuff cyr, youve gotten through so much and youll get through this too <3"

Amy said...

I'm a new follower with 5 children. 3 adopted 1 with RAD. Big time RAD! But for now that's beside the point. :) I just wanted to let you and your daughter know about my husband. He started wearing a hearing aid at age 2. He lost his hearing and was completely deaf for about a year ten years ago before we could arrange a Cochlear Implant. He has earned a degree in accounting, a masters degree in business administration and is currently a CFO. It hasn't been EASY for him but he let's nothing hold him back. He has to work twice as hard as everyone else but he succeeds and SO CAN SHE! She can and will do great things. I'm sure of it!