Saturday, July 02, 2011

I just wanted to check in and let you know, I'm still here. It will be a few days before I post again. It takes too much work to post from my Blackberry and the internet is down until Tuesday. My poor thumbs are arthritic from typing!

Did you know that when you stay with a certain cable co (c0mc@st) for many years, you miss out on all the current deals and they just increase your rate each year? I'm embarrassed to say my cable, internet, and phone was $300 a month for that very reason. I decided to look around and found out how badly we were being made love to and took immediate steps to rid our lives from this beast. My hubby is a little irritated I didn't coordinate the new w the old so we could continue coverage through the holiday. What can I say? I felt robbed. He did get a bit emotional when he found out our new monthly total for the same 3 services will be $114. Wouldn't you?

Kids are all safe and have been coming and going from various aunts and friend's homes. They are having a ball. We have had 2 of my nieces here a couple of times, too. Ava is in FL w her bff for a week! With as little as 5 kids sometimes, our house is super quiet. We've been to the lake too many times to count this year and have many more lazy days there to come.


Kate said...

Thanks for checking in <3

mindfulness said...

I recently had the same experience. Went from Comcast to Fios...cheaper for the exact same thing....I also paid WAY too much for years for minimal service...hose of us with many kids are just trying to make it through the day!