Saturday, July 30, 2011

Are They Back?

It's back to school time here! We went to the schools Thursday and Friday to meet all the teachers. Everything went very smoothly except for Ruthie. Poor kid. She is so stressed out that the district is throwing her back into a regular 7th grade class. She will change classes every period and be surrounded by tons of kids. Considering she has an IQ of 56, can't process her thoughts or words, can't remember names or find her way around, gets confused easily, has a history of false allegations against kids/adults, is sexually charged/reactive/predatory, and reads at a 1st grade level, this is a huge disservice to her. The county won't listen to me. They think they know her best since she doesn't share her thoughts and issues with them. She began shaking the minute we headed to the school and until she fell asleep after taking her PRN and sleep meds.

We are being positive in front of her but are very worried. She has worked so hard to get her behaviors under control and to be thrown back into reg classes will be a nightmare. The last time she was in reg ed classes she became extremely sexual at school and home. She had to be hospitalized and eventually had to be placed outside our home for her safety and ours. All that doesn't matter because she didn't rage at school. She held it in. She honeymooned because she was only there a few months. She keeps asking why they are doing this to her. I'm mad. I'm sad. I'm extremely disappointed.

Michael is home this weekend and will probably be home for good in a month or so. We are ready for it. He is excited and nervous, as he should be. With his discharge nearing, we had another mtg w the RTC about transitioning. We will have a team of professionals involved with our children in our home. They will come right on out to us. I'm hoping they are considerate of the kids weariness of strangers/professionals. After DFCS destroyed our family last Fall, they will be even more scared to have people in here, regardless of their intentions.

It was my choice to invite them. They will not be involved forever, only to help Michael, Ruthie, and Patches find a way to cope with all of this stuff. They will assist our entire family but those 3 blow out with every new transition and we want nothing more than to help them manage their behaviors and emotions successfully. With each new success, they build confidence, skills, and trust. They deserve to be successful.

All of this causes my son to become stressed. He took the dog out to the fenced in area off our back door last night. He was on the porch about 5 min when he came running back in when he came running back in as pale as a ghost. It took him a minute to get his words out. He saw a big man crouched down by the fence with a mask on. The man stood up and then ran thru our woods to the main road. If you're fairly new here, you are concerned for his safety, thinking we should call the police and lock all the doors, and move. If you know us better, your heart is breaking for him. Hoping against hope, my hubby jumped in the van and flew down to the road to see if anyone was walking down there. I went to the neighbors to ask them if they had seen anyone. They were on their porch and couldn't have missed the guy. No one saw anything. I must have looked defeated. My lovely new neighbor offered me a glass of wine. I hesitated and accepted. I called the hubby to let him know I was fine, no one saw anything, and I'd be home after the wine. When I returned home, my son asked me if it had been real. I calmly explained the situation and he cried. All he wanted to know is if the hallucinations are back. Unfortunately, I don't know but my heart is breaking for him.


Alexis said...

The decision to place your daughter in a regular classroom is not the district's decision, but a committee decision. Don't sign that you agree and provide the documentation that you have listed here. Continue to fight for her proper placement. THere may be someone who will help mediate the situation. Good luck. Don't feel as if you have to agree because they say so. Sped kids have TONS of rights.

Tara - SanitySrchr said...

It's beginning to sound like a lawyer needs to get involved with Ruthie's situation at school. It breaks my heart to type that out, especially as a future educator. The long and the short of it boils down to her right to "Fair and Appropriate" education. Main stream obviously isn't appropriate. I'm clearly not restating facts you don't already know. I don't know how to make it happen, but a lawyer needs to get involved to push for her appropriate educational needs.

I'm praying for everyone!

Kate said...

That's outrageous. Have they seen her past IEP's, her IQ exam results, any documentation that would show them regular ed. is NOT for her? That is a complete disservice to her. Horrible.

You're right. My heart IS breaking for Michael.

Tenntrace said...

Poor Ruthie! Just not right! Fight them tooth and nail. (I don't suppose you could home school?)

And poor Michael. We deal with hallucinations here, as well, (both the scarey and nonscarey kind) and they're horrible. Now that DD1 is older and can process this, she has learned to check with us about these sorts of things. 2 hospitalizations for med tweaks have been due to self report, but this wasn't until her teen years. Poor baby.

Marthavmuffin said...

Crazy stupid stuff is happening in education right now. It's all about the buck.

Poor Ruthie and Poor Michael.

You are so strong and calm. poor Tudu. You are due some serenity.