Monday, September 27, 2010

Na Na Na Boo Boo

Patches is gone. Ella bawled. No one else said a word. She slept the entire way there which is not surprising since that is how she deals with stress. SHe hugged the toddlers and I then walked away.

The toddlers were horrible. H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E. I was mortified. The staff was very kind and understanding. It made it worse. My most stern voice only made them giggle. Yes, giggle. It became a damn game. "Na na na boo boo, you can't catch me." I'm not kidding. I wanted to crawl under the table with them and hide. I didn't. I crawled under there and threatened them. They got up in their stroller and buckled themselves in. Then they argued about who made mommy mad. Kiki said, "Oh, Peyton, you made mommy mean." Peyton, "No. You." Kiki, "No. You!" This continued until we left. In the middle of this visit, Kiera tooted and smelled up the tiny closed office. I thought she pooped becasue she said so. I ran her to the bathroom and she hadn't. SHe wanted to go on the potty and DID. Huge for her. So big she told every person she met on her way back to the tiny office that still smelled like death. Thank goodness she is as cute as a bug.

The CW called from the county the kids came from and will be out with this counties CW Thursday. This county is not sure how to open us as an adoption home and not a foster/adopt home. We can't be opened as a f/a home because we have too many kids. Their county seems a bit irritated. Oh well. Just getter done.

Ella will be on their school's news in the AM becasue she is the Star Student this week. SHe may crawl under the table herself. Being in the spotlight is not something she enjoys. SHe will misplace her voice, I'm sure.


Kate said...

WOW for Ella. Congratulations to her. I still can't believe some of them are the children I used to read about. Keeping my thoughts with the three children who aren't with you right now.

Shantra said...

Can,t your count ask for a waver from DPW? I thought that is how they handled it when you were over capasity for foster care!

Integrity Singer said...

Sissy does the same thing as Patches. Stressed? Angry? Sad? Psychotic? Sleep it off! That's her manta. I don't fight it, ever. It usually means she'll wake up and be nice for awhile.