Monday, June 25, 2007

We are in the new house

We have slept here for 2 nights. We began our move on Saturday by renting a 26 foot truck from Uhaul. That was the first mistake. As my DH pulled out onto the road his door flew open and he he almost fell out. I am grateful he wears his seat belt or he would be road kill right now. He proceeded to our old house and backed the truck into the drive. We loaded most of the truck and decided to make a run to the new house and later a second trip. We asked the kids to hand up some small stuff to my DH in the truck, our second mistake. A, C, my son, and I were behind the truck and DH and a buddy were inside the truck. The emergency brake broke and the truck began to roll down our drive and was picking up speed! My son jumped off the ramp and ran to the grass. C ran towards the house which was the same direction the truck was going and she was about to be run over. A didn't move off the ramp she just cried. I hopped up on the truck and tried to reach A, all the while screaming at C to go to the grass. The truck plowed into our old house and moved the wall about 3 inches and destroyed the garage door. I had to pull A out from under the garage door and we are very lucky to all be ok.

Uhaul kept us standing there for 6.5 hours with the promise of sending a mechanic. A tow truck finally showed up to tow the truck away with our stuff inside. It was extremely frustrating to be told they were on their way every time we called and no one showed up. They were rude and lied so many times we lost count. They did not return any of the times they promised to and we decided to just show up at the location we rented from and refuse to leave. That worked. They gave us another truck and we just unloaded the stuff from the other one. We still have much to do and much to move but for the most part we are in.


FosterAbba said...

Wow, scary! I'm glad you are all okay. I hope that U-Haul pays for your damages.

They are suck stinkers -- their trucks are the worst and never maintained. My sister rented a trailer from them once that had a wheel so far out of alignment that it shredded a tire just a few hundred miles down the road. Although U-Haul did rescue them, they didn't fix the problem with the trailer. Instead, they just put on a new tire, which was bald by the time they got to their destination.

I guess tires must be cheaper than actually fixing the problem.

Lorie said...

What a freakin' NIGHTMARE!

Mongoose said...

How scary. I hope the kids are doing ok. I'm surprised to hear U-Haul would be such a problem down there - I've rented from them for years and never had the least trouble with their equipment.

Oh, and I hope the priceless boas and geckos are ok too - didn't you say they live in the garage?