Monday, June 04, 2007

The Wait

We have been trying to get the children's per diem corrected for a year. Today we got word they have done it!!! Our agency has kicked in a little bit of money for each child since they have been placed with us and we were really concerned it would go down after we finalized. We now know it will be increasing on top of that by about $500. All we wanted is to receive what every other adoptive or foster parent received and now we will. We are over the moon b/c this means we can sign the adoptive placement papers and get the release from the county. We will sign on Wednesday morning and we see our attorney next Tuesday to file the petition for adoption. This long wait is almost over.

I dropped off B, P, and D at cheerleading camp this morning. This is the first time they have ever been involved with any kind of sports activity and P was very scared. I can't wait to pick them up and hear all about their day.

We have scheduled our internet/cable/phone to be turned on at the new house this Wednesday. Problem with that is we will not be moved in by then and so I may not be back here for a week or so. I will update when I can.

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Mongoose said...

Oh, I totally missed this. Congratulations!

To be honest I have been avoiding your blog. I really like you, but I just dread learning more about your kids. When you wrote about D starting Prozac I formed a very clear mental image of what her mind "would" be doing, if it's responding to sexual abuse the same way mine has. Except knowing that her situation was much more severe than mine, and her response is also much more severe, I just get nauseous thinking about what she may be going through. Of course I may be totally projecting... But I don't feel any better telling myself that.

Also when I saw the photo, and how little A really is, again he reminds me so much of Him. I don't know which is more difficult to look at, that He is like A or that A is like Him. If that makes any sense.

I'm glad these kids have you.