Monday, June 18, 2007

Still Moving

As I type, I am am waiting the illusive carpet installers. They were supposed to be here several hours ago and take 2 days to install it. I am sure they will not be ready for our move in date of Wednesday. The kitchen is a wreak! My Dh has removed all the cabinets and rebuilt the flemsy bar. All of my gorgeous new cherry cabinets are in boxes in the garage. They are waiting to be installed and I am getting impatient. Most of the house is painted, I had to let the painters retire before they finished the kid's bath and the guest bath. They were so slow I could barely tell what they had done in a day. I love the warm earth colors we chose and the girls picked out a powder puff pink and florescent green.

The 4 younger children started soccer and cheerleading camp today. I am sure my son will charm the crap out of the coaches and beat the snot out of a few kids before the week is up. C will manipulate them into feeling sorry for her b/c of her CP and not do a darn thing all week. A Emma will be fine.

Several kids have started meds for the first time, ever. P, D, and A have started Prozac. They all have gone through some kind of a leveling off thing. They became aggressive and crazy before they have gotten better. It was very weird to have A and P acting like idiots in public. P ripped her shirt off and refused to get in the van one day last week. She got so out of control I had to tell her I was concerned about her mental health and if she didn't get a grip I felt compelled to find her other help. She screamed until she fell asleep, she has been pleasant since. D became manic and squealed with delight over the smallest things, she has become so much easier to be around. She is starting to laugh and be silly. She has not cried in several days which is nearly a miracle in itself. My son has started on Risperdal. It is supposed to make him sleepy but he laid in bed for a week struggling to fall asleep so I switched it to the morning. He was so weepy the first week which is not like him at all. His aggression has been slightly calmed but no where near what it should be. I am just thankful he is not crying all the time anymore.

More when I get the chance.......

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Mongoose said...

Right on. I'm glad things are looking up. :)